When someone presents this question to you, think about the first answer that comes to your mind. While attempting to answer it myself, I realized that there are so many factors into it. As I went ahead with those one at a time, I was amazed by the value of every aspect. While every requirement seemed more appropriate than the previous one, I understood that this thought had no end.

Favorable circumstances

Suitable situation

Conducive environment

Hard work





Will power


Loads and loads of energy

 As we think about each of these necessities, we will understand that conversion of plans into realities is all about ‘our’ contribution alone.

   We all make significant plans in our life, right from the moment we are able to think for ourselves. While some are experts in this sector with careful analysis and thoughtful planning of every task in life, few others leave it to the situation and believe in the flow. Though planning is an essential aspect for taking bigger steps in life, it is equally essential to focus on its execution. Making fancy lists in stepwise manner with highlighters and bullets may not solve the purpose alone. Our efforts towards ticking it off from the list are of utmost importance. Hard work followed by planning is the key to achieve everything as desired.

    If we analyze the essential factors, we can classify them into those within our reach and those beyond our control. While situation, circumstances and environment are not within our reach, rest all others demand our participation. Circumstances such as undesirable weather, unavoidable emergency or last minute cancellation from a third party are some of the factors that cannot be changed. Though these unpredicted events can disturb our plans, we must not waste our efforts behind regret and sorrow. Rather than investing our valuable time in discussion over these happenings, we must divert our focus towards more preparation.

    Plans can relate to every domain of our life. Be it personal goals pertaining to family and assets or professional plans revolving around ambitions, be it desires to travel and explore or dreams to pursue a novel passion, every wish in life is powered by long list of plans, framed in our own colorful way. Our mind is a fantastic storehouse of these plans that reminds us of our goals, every now and then. With its sincere loyalty and honest conduct, this mind constantly motivates us to chase the list. Though every plan may not work as desired or reach the final endpoint with a smile, we cannot abort the mission of hard work for the rest of our lives. Reaction to failure and defeat is the real evaluation of our preparation.

   So, while these secret, uncertain variations can present themselves at any given moment, there are still several other factors that can be added from our bags. More than 60% of the list involves our contribution and active presence.

   As a brief answer to the question in title, let us ponder about what is truly needed?


1. Hard work:

      The most essential factor that even a little kid can spot for us, hard work and efforts are the primers to get going. Unless we invest our energy towards hard work, we cannot expect any output in return. Every kind of plan needs hard work. Hard work does not limit to serious matters alone. Even if we plan for a long vacation with family or short relaxed trip with friends, nothing can materialize unless we pour own share of efforts. Undoubtedly, hard work is the first factor that can change your plan into a reality.


2. Patience

   An extremely significant card that most of us lack in our sets, patience is essential to keep us in motion. As every aspect works at an appropriate time, waiting for the perfect moment is necessary. While we may experience frustration and disappointment over delay in the results, our impatience will only add to the troubles. Belief over our efforts, trust on our capability and satisfaction over our performance are the top ingredients for a successful outcome. Patience prompts us to stay calm and focused. Though delays and changes may turn the picture completely, it is important to be patient along the way.


3. Commitment

   Probably one of the most dreaded factors that leads to several doubts and confusion, commitment is difficult, yet extremely necessary. Commitment towards fulfillment of a plan depicts our sincerity, honesty and readiness to reach the endpoint. Unless we are committed towards materializing our plans, we cannot expect a favorable situation on the way. It portrays our willingness towards our efforts and sincerity to proceed, right till the end.


4. Flexibility

    Often confused with forced compromises, flexible attitude does not translate into those. Flexibility is the attitude to adjust, adapt and make the most of current situations. By working along with the present scenario, we can reach towards the destination. Flexibility is willingness to change for the good.


5. Interest   

    Besides hard work, I believe interest or passion is another most essential member of the group. Unless one has interest in his/her own plans, it is practically impossible to think about the execution. Forced activities pushed over a person’s shoulders are mechanical tasks that may manage to reach the end, but our own desired plans need more than this thoughtless attitude. A plan can convert into reality, only if we have the desire to include it as a plan in the first place.

  So, what do you think about these factors? Are there any other contents that you would like to add? Feel free to suggest in the comments, after all this article needs your inputs to convert into success!



Published by Lavanya