An obvious question with a predictable answer, music certainly means a lot to me. Though we may never get an opportunity to appreciate its true value or acknowledge its significance, each one of us has loads to talk about. Music is truly one of the most popular factors that can connect millions of minds and ears together. Diverse languages, varied genres, different instruments, novel lyrics, differing rhythm and unique tunes, yet each of these elements are tied together by the common thread of ‘music’. Through the means of this article, while I shall attempt to answer the title; I am sure it may voice your opinions to a certain extent. As sound of music reaches our ears and touches the soul, its melody leaves a long-lasting impact.

  Though many of us may not be able to sing and reproduce the effect of these melodious songs, beyond the stage of our bathroom; each one of us can definitely appreciate the magic that reaches our ears. While our choice of songs and genre may differ, the happiness of experiencing its feel remains the same. Music has a unique way of touching the perfect chords of the heart that cannot be replicated by any other means. What music does is restricted to its power alone, making it the appropriate means of enjoyment. Music resembles a vast ocean with loads and loads of varieties. By bringing novel trends every passing day, music adds to its rich stock of entertainment. While we may be enjoying the tunes of a new song today, we may find ourselves dancing to some another number tomorrow. Music is all about experiencing its rhythm and appreciating its creation.

     Music comes across as a universal language that carries everyone in its flow in an absolutely effortless manner. Music does not demand any formal knowledge of its notes or professional understanding of its creation. All it needs is an interest towards the rhythmic notes and eagerness to be lost in the ambiance. Once we dedicate our ears and mind to its power, music does the rest. Music can never work within boundaries of nationality, culture, religion, age group or gender. It can only flow in its own rhythm, at its own pace; offering pleasure to the mind and heart. It reflects energy, enthusiasm, love, happiness, joy, peace and a wide array of emotions that cannot be put into words.

   There is perfect music for every occasion, situation, condition and feeling- if you sad, music can make you happy; if you are tired, music can pump energy; if you are disappointed, music can bring hope; if you are lost, music can show you the way. A versatile element with diverse roles, music certainly does a lot for its loyal listeners.

    Music has a unique power to take us someplace else, transporting us to a faraway location within a span of few minutes. By prompting us to forget the troubles in hand, it can inspire and pump novel ideas, instantly. This constant shuttle of thoughts is an amazing gift possible through music alone.

Answering the question in title, music means the following:


  • Melodious companion: Music is a loyal friend who never chooses to leave! With its rhythmic pace and unique notes, music offers its interesting company always. There is an ideal essence of music for every mood, adding its own unique color and charm to the environment. Some songs are designed for enjoyment with all, while few others are meant for quiet, alone times.


  • Energy tonic : Music is the perfect tonic to fill energy, enthusiasm, interest and joy. Listening to few minutes of music every day seems to have the same effect as a cup of coffee or glucose for instant energy. Music touches the soul and prompts it to energize itself, instantly.


  • Mood regulator: Music can regulate between different types of mood, changing the feelings and emotions as per the situation. Depending on its type and genre, music is able spread its unique influence all around.


  • Eraser of worries: Music can erase away all the tensions, worries and troubles, instantly. Before one can even  realize, music manages to transform the situation completely with its melodious tunes to the  ears. Though music may offer temporary relief, it does have permanent impact towards reducing negativity.


  • Channel of positivity: Music, songs, tunes and notes manage to leave a positive impact always. As several beautiful efforts are involved in the creation of music, the end result is filled with positivity, happiness, joy and satisfaction.


  • Magnet of happiness: Music manages to spread happiness and joy all around. It forces one to enjoy every moment of existence and be lost in its flow. Music has the magnetic power to pull happiness and radiate it into the ears of its listeners.  


Such is the charm of music that this question cannot be answered satisfactorily in every way. Music means a lot to me that even words fail to express them in the perfect manner as expected.


Listen to music and be lost in its magic, after all music is to ears what food is to the body. 


Published by Lavanya