Seeking truth, reality...

Or one could say that which we are all looking for, but cannot define--- this is relatively straightforward... 

Seek only this, only for itself, and not for the ego. Not for ease of life, admiration, security, happiness, even love.

For "truth" is not well known; when spoken or seen it is shunned, denied, it causes all types of reactions. Know when to speak it, or not (know it is not necessary to do so; however you will know when to do so, if your intent is relatively pure). Also know it changes itself, so must you and what you think. Though only what you think about it, what you see is always true--- however we still look at what we see.

-This- cannot be still, as it does not move. It is not found or pursued, but is in the moment. Cherish nothing, and all happens (how else have we come to be). If something seems wrong that you thought was right, say so and move forward.

-This- can never fully reside in ego (or belief), if you look only with ego--- then that is all you will find. If you look only in what you think, you know, that is all you will find.

If you deny that which is other than, you will only see what you wish--- until one day like all wishes it becomes a hell of paradoxes. Hold nothing, this is how love is--- a firm grasp on emptiness (freedom, fullness & emptiness reside in each other. This is nothing)

I guess I would encapsulate it by saying---

We exist, and yet we do not.



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Published by Tom Lopes