In principle, matcha green tea has similar effects as green tea, however, some researchers say that Matcha tea has greater health benefits and according to a US study.

It aims to support weight loss and increase muscle mass, stimulates the immune system and metabolism, preventing muscle pain. However, all these effects can not be demonstrated or guaranteed.

The matcha green tea has a high content of caffeine from 2 to 4 percent; therefore Matcha tea is actually a powerful stimulant. The matcha tea stands out from its operation, which helps to stay awake and focused, but at the same time has a relaxing effect, in addition, vitamins, trace elements, and nutrients, contribute to a balanced diet.

Here are the powerful benefits of this magical green tea has been brought to by PiqueTea matcha blog:

1. It is a drink very rich in antioxidants

It is one of the richest antioxidant drinks since it contains up to twenty times more of this compound than any other fruit (even more than pomegranate or blueberries). Antioxidants are natural compounds that help our body to prevent aging and matcha tea is also very rich in catechins, part of the phenolic content of tea, which helps fight the action of free radicals.

2. It provides an extra energy

Perfect for those days that you notice that fatigue has won the battle. Numerous studies have linked the consumption of this type of tea with the contribution of an extra shot of vitality to your body. If you make it a habit you will see how your physical resistance improves.

3. Calm and relax

Matcha tea has soothing properties that encourage relaxation and improve mood thanks to the type of caffeine it contains: L-theanine. With a cup of this tea, you will get rid of stress and bring clarity to your mind!

4. It is a perfect ally to burn fat

It has a high content of tannins, which act as a natural laxative, so it has a powerful cleansing and detoxifying action. It is the ideal tea to lose weight and burn calories, also improves intestinal transit.

How many cups should I take per day to be beneficial?

The ideal is to prepare a cup of tea matcha daily, nor is it advisable to consume it in excess (like everything). And the best time to consume it is in the morning because if we risk preparing it in the evening / night we can affect sleep and it may cost more than normal to reconcile it.

Proper storage of Matcha tea

Unlike other teas such as Pu Erh tea, it is important that Matcha tea, which is newly purchased, be consumed quickly. Commercially, packages of 20 to 30 grams are often sold, so it is up to the buyer to consume the tea in three or four weeks.

When storing it is important to keep the tea in a dark and cool space, since heat and light affect the action of the tea and accelerates the aging process, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator and hermetically sealed, in order to avoid strange smells in the tea.

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