I didn’t fight.

I didn’t scream.

I didn’t blow up

or cry, or kick.

Count, to, ten!                       


At the reckoning

a silent creature

crept through my insides,

all claws and big teeth

helping me to, Ya Ta Hay!!!

Today seems like a good day

to paint the walls with my brains

ready for new beginnings

to engage after death.


In the wondering, after my birth

I try to remain true to…

I am! The soft rich center

that sweats cold

leaks in a slow silence,

lids closed, succumb

to a long time arrival.


The second night

waking beneath an invisible new moon

wasted on the full cycle returned

new thoughts and ideas

spanking subconscious knowledge

woken in ecstasy.


My soul silently drips

black ink from my eyes

writing memories

on rage filled rags

cryptic letters on a page

seen through clouded slits.


I wonder…

on her engagement

and stagger

through the quiet night.

Contemplating a passing

on a turnpike

skirting the cliffs edge

and a sign signaling the end. 

Published by James Gabriel