When traveling on any trip - no matter the length - it's always tough to decide what to bring. The decision isn't tough not only to plan the entire trip but what about the carry-on bag? For me - I only travel with a carry-on (as I travel out of a backpack) so all my essentials are always with me.

As a girl (okay I'm 32, who am I kidding?) *ahem* a woman - we tend to "need" a bit more than the guys do. But also? We need the plain old necessities as well! So here's a breakdown of what I personally bring. Hope you find it helpful!

So here are my basics:

- Travel adapter: This is great to use for my laptop and phone charger when I'm in a country that has different outlets than the U.S.  Important to note: This is NOT a converter. So it only works with things that can handle 220V or have a built in converter. I melted a hair straightener once not knowing this little tidbit.

- Laptop: This is essential for me. I work online so it's a necessity and also - it's a great way to Skype, watch Netflix, etc.

- Makeup Remover Wipes: It's hard to wash your face while you're on the go. So these little face washing wipes are a lifesaver. 

- Moisturizer: When you're on planes or after using the wipes mentioned above - I always need to keep my skin hydrated. I always try to choose one that is good for both my face and my body.

- Hydroflask Water Bottle: This is my favorite travel purchase. I have a 32 oz version. It's a vacuum sealed bottle that keeps cold things really cold and hot things really hot. I can take it down to the beach with some ice water and I'm set! 

- Adult Coloring Books and Some Markers: When I say "adult" I don't mean naughty - I mean the cool super detailed ones that take hours or days to complete one page. They're great for layovers or long flights or even long stays when you're in seclusion without WiFi!

- BB Cream, Mascara and About 6 Different Lipsticks: I don't wear makeup on most days when I travel - at least most of the time. When I want to get "glammed" up - I stick to the basics. I like a good BB cream that doubles as sunblock and a moisturizer, mascara and a lip gloss or lipstick. Wearing bright colored lipsticks makes me feel more dressed up than I actually am.

- Green Juice Packets or Dissoluble Vitamins: I always like to have some nutrients that I can quickly dissolve in water if I'm starting to feel sick or if I feel like I'm not getting enough fruits and veggies in my life.

- A Big Scarf: I love this item. It's great for a makeshift pillow on planes/trains/buses, it's great for covering yourself if you're going into temples and it's just a cute fashion accessory!

These are my must-have items (in addition to my cellphone, clothes, toiletries, etc.) Anything else I ever need along the way I can generally buy where I'm visiting.

Hope this helps!


Published by Ashley Brewer