Today, I would like to discuss something that I've always been passionate speaking about.
It's about how getting older taught me valuable lessons in life, past & presently as well.

For most people, life begins as soon as you start breathing. Mostly, it's true and I agree with certain parts to an extent. However, I felt like it didn't truly begin until I was old enough to understand the difference between living and existing, that's when I felt my life really started making sense, for the first time in my whole time of existence.

It sounds a little far-fetched, and perhaps that's how I see it, but the definition of life is different for everyone and I can't even say that enough times. In my personal experience, what getting older taught me the most is that life is never as complicated as we might imagine it'd be.

And I say this in my own experience of it, not anyone else's.

Anyway...getting older taught me to always respect the ones present in life (except the ones who least deserve it, I let them go) and to never take anything for granted because the existence of life is never guaranteed. In this age of time, some of us forget how fragile life is in reality, and how easily it can be taken away without a single thought. I know this because I lost my dear grandmother this year.

Getting older also helped me learn many valuable lessons, such as, never count the days in which you live, but count the amount of good energy that surrounds it, and the amount of wonderful moments created in that space of time.

​For me, poetry was always the shoulder to cry on, the support always needed, which is a big reason why I am putting together a book of poems from my heart, creating good out of bad experiences, memories I'd rather forget and so forth. It makes the work more authentic and personal in that sense.


Published by Mila Christiansen