To be honest, nobody could predict how girls could act or behave. It’s all abut their psychological, mental and lots of unknown factors. Which made all their acts are unpredictable. In this article I will write about some things most of the girls all time looks for and it “might” make the relationship stay longer.

1- Saftey

Girls want to feel safe, they all time feel they are living in a forest, and you have to struggle to live. Hurt in order not to be hurt. So, the first thing that they want is feeling safe. And safe here is a broad word. They want physical and psychological safety. Once the girl felt that you are a threat in her life, she will just disappear or misbehave. So, you have to be a gentleman with girls, don’t be angry. Because they got afraid so fast and they might panic because of you attitudes. If they said “No,” so, it’s No. Don’t try to push them to some things they don’t need to. Be diplomatic and always say Ok, When she is angry, let her talk don’t interrupt her by any way. If she was silent, and won’t need to talk to you anymore, just leave her she will be fine but you have to understand that, Sometimes they really hate themselves more than anything else, so if you though she was in that status, must leave her and when she is fine to talk to her again, if she kicked you out, leave. Then come back later, or just tell her you had enough being kicked out and you will wait for her to message you when she is fine ” sometimes, it works.”

2- Care 

Do you like her? Then prove!

It goes like this, showing care could be by words and acts. Try at least to say good morning every day and good night. At least, to make her feel there is something is going on, because if you didn’t show “enough” care, she would feel unappreciated. Believe me, most of the girls don’t care about your car, your house, your money, they just care about how you deal with them. It might look strange, but these factors could act as attracting factors, but still the most predominant is your personality and how you use it wisely to deal with her needs. Some wonder that showing care could make the girls bored. Well, in this case, I will tell you there is a difference between showing care and being an idoit. Seriously, because you have to know when to do this and when not, she won’t be crying, and you will be showing her some funny stuff, she will hate you. She wants to cry to make you give her a shoulder to cry on. She wants to cry to make you tell her what’s matter. She wants to cry to tell her that you are with her, and you are standing beside. She wants to cry to feel she is the true man who could do his best to prevent this tears. Otherwise, if you can’t handle this situation, you should practise and learn how to act. TO BE HONEST, SOMETIMES NOTHING WORK just you have to do nothing and be silent and be a good listener.

3- Good listener and smart talkative “Bipolar mood.” 

Once we have two ears, so one of them have to be for all people you know and the second have to be just for your girl. And if you were only with her give her both ears. Girls generally like to talk, talk about anything, if not, so you have to let her talk. Bait her with small questions, how was you day, how it’s going, have you seen this street, have you been here before. And she will just start talking; some girls actually don’t need to talk that much, so, you have to work harder to make them talk, so be talkative,  talk about your day talk about her when you are talking she will start to ask questions. PING!!!! that mean she was interesting in that topic. See, you are doing well keep practise like that. Use jumper mode, ask about the green colour, and it’s the relationship between it and the stars. No relations right? No, tell her it was her eyes. For a man, it looks silly for you, isn’t it? But actually for a girl sometimes it worth more than buying her a golden bracelet!! Use, Discovery mode, you talk about the unconnected thing to see in which part she was interesting in. Because, sometimes if you have been programmed for a story all time, you will be a boring friend. Another important thing to talk about is to talk about how happy you are and how grace you have when being with her. She likes that too. But don’t say it a lot. Because feelings are so precious, so lots of it will make them lose their meanings so be a wise talkative man otherwise. And you will not be a wise talkative unless you are a good listener, so work on that.


to be continue …


Published by Mohamed Abouzid