Philanthropism can get anyone quite far if applied right. Developing certain habits that encourage philanthropism is something that not many people focus on at the moment. The definition of doing good is different from one person to another. Good philanthropy that is rather successful can only be developed if engaging in certain practices that will later turn into true habits. These habits take a while to include in a person’s daily life, but communities should start assessing the importance of philanthropy in all segments of life. The famous Moshe Kantor promotes philanthropy and involves himself in activities that are worthy of praise. Here is a list of habits that could help you become a philanthrope easily.

Spend time in the community

The first habit you’ll need to develop has to do with how much time you actually spend in the community. Philanthropy doesn’t mean donating money to causes you don’t even know about. It means engaging with the people you want to help, it means networking with people who share the same interests as you do. Spending time in the community is the biggest step to enlarging your opportunities.

Without doing so, your idea of doing good is not entirely defined. The community is the one that can define you as a philanthrope. You should meet the direct beneficiaries of your donations in order to learn what empathy is, to learn what benefits being a philanthrope actually has. Carefully notice the many interviews of the aforementioned Viatcheslav Kantor and his experiences with philanthropy. 

Contribute silently

The contributions you make to charity events and other causes don’t need to be public. Going public is a sign that you are only doing what you do because of the social benefits it brings to you. Becoming famous because people praise you for your actions is one of the results of pure philanthropy, but doing all the praising by yourself is only a step back. Contribute silently to the causes that you care about and do it only if you feel like it brings you an emotional satisfaction. Any other reason might not be a valid one for a true philanthrope.

Share power

Another habit you should develop is sharing your knowledge and your power with like-minded people who don’t know where to start or what to do. Being greedy and keeping everything to yourself won’t lead you anywhere. Philanthropy is also related to sharing the idea of doing good for other people. Without carrying the idea further, you are not actively participating in the well-being of your cause. Sharing your power is part of the entire scheme. By attracting people to become successful philanthropes, you help them evolve as persons and you help even more people in need by offering them another chance at life.

Think long-term

Habits won’t develop overnight, so arm yourself with a lot of patience. Being a philanthrope won’t happen overnight either, as you will need to invest time, effort and other resources into it. After a while, you will start noticing that the good comes from within, and you don’t have to force anything in order to do it.

Published by Cynthia Madison