Days you mess up and don’t do your habit are some of your most important days. Every single day you mess up, there is a specific reason.

Make it your life’s mission to figure out the reasons you messed up doing your habit that day.


Envision the most recent time you messed up, skipped, procrastinated, or had some other negative experience with doing your habits. It could have been today, a couple days ago, a week ago, or longer.

Now Breathe.

It’s okay that you struggle with your habit.

Everybody – and I mean everybody – has these same struggles – lowpoints & highpoints – with staying consistent.

Not completing your habits goals every day is not only normal, it’s expected.

It’s something that we all need to learn to embrace.

Forgive yourself quickly and seamlessly for it. Remove all emotional baggage you may have attached to it.

If you just assume your days are going to be all good and slip-up free, you’re missing out on a goldmine of information about yourself. These days where you feel you just don’t have it in you can actually teach you the most about how to succeed.


Now, I invite you to treat any days you mess up as experiments.

I will be doing alongside you on my own crazy, bumpy journey to success.

How do we start this process?

By consciously writing down what factors make it so difficult for us to do our habits anytime we struggle.

We can then use these insights as secret weapons for the next time we face those same challenges (which we will).

On a day that you messed up, here are some general questions you can ask:

  1. Who were you with that day? Did any people give you an excuse not to do your habit?
  2. What key emotions did you face that day – procrastination? Sadness? Guilt? Anger? Can you catch any of these earlier and prepare yourself a bit better in the future?
  3. What’s the main justification you told yourself to make it okay for you to slip up?

The information you gather will provide you with knowledge of something that caused you to struggle more than usual.
Be vigilant of it and destroy it.

We all have days that we’ll struggle on, and even with information like this it’s still difficult to overcome them. But these mental insights can really act as secret weapons on days we struggle.

Here’s two clear action steps to consider the next time every inch of your body is revolting against you to actually do your habit:

1. Accept that this is totally normal. Everybody feels this within them. Invite that feeling and be at ease with it.

2. Force yourself, no matter what, to take a tiny, baby action in the right direction. That’s it.

  • Is your goal to read daily? Read just 1 page.
  • Are you trying to exercise? Do 1 yoga position or get on the floor and do 5 pushups.
  • Meditation? Meditate for 1 minute.


That’s it. No strings attached. Just force yourself to take that baby action.

We will all miss our habits. Let’s actually make good use of these days and pick up the pieces the next day. Or the same day. Or right now:)



Source: Ariel Banayan.

Published by Gerardus Gilang