It has been told for long by the hair and health experts that shampooing your hair on a daily basis is not as good as you think. To those who like to stay neat and tidy, not having to wash and shampoo your hair on a daily basis is something like a crime. Alright, we agree that the pleasant scent of the shampoo and the silky feel you get after the wash is something very tempting but it is the long-term effects we have to consider before getting started with it.

With the dry shampoos and blow dry bars getting more common with every passing day, the trend to wash the hair is getting thinner, and people are suffering because of it too. Remember there is a difference between shampooing and washing the hair. There is no need to shampoo the hair every day; you can give it a rest for two or three days depending upon the nature of your hair. If you have oily hair, you might need to wash every second day with shampoo, but those who have either normal or dry hair can enjoy the perks of skipping the shampoo for more than a week.

There are many things that happen when we do not wash our hair on a daily basis and here they are:

  • Nature has blessed us with so many products that produce automatically from our bodies that we need not buy the artificial ones, but we sure take them for granted and get in trouble afterward. The scalp naturally produces sebum and oils that are essential for the hair and prevents dryness. When we wash the hair a lot, we tend to kill that amount of sebum, and our hair gets dry. To fulfill that sebum requirement by the hair, we make use of the artificial conditioners, so why not stop right away and let nature do its work?
  • Again there are oils that are produced from the scalp that are necessary for the lustrous look of the hair. Why not let those natural oils bring shine to your hair?
  • Curly hair is hugely affected by the excessive use of the shampoo. If you let nature play its role, you will find that your curls will get more beautiful and more defined compared to the time when you keep shampooing them every other day.
  • Not only do these natural extracts from the scalp help your natural hair, but they do also help with the artificial products as well. The hair dyes you use, give better results when you delay shampooing and since both are chemicals, the shampoo cuts the life of the colors comparatively shorter.
  • If you feel that your blow dried hair wear out all of a sudden, it too could be due to excessive use of shampoo. So enjoy the hairdressing perks with the less use of shampoo and visit for getting more insight into the world of hair styling and hairdressing.

Published by Kimberly Smith