As humans, I think that it is normal for us to feel terrified of change. We are such idle beings that a slight disturbance in our daily comfort will send us to the edge of paranoia. And I know that it is not easy to accept change, some of us, until now, are still getting used to its unpredictability.

But let me tell you one thing, change also means growth.

Growth means improvement. Improvement means fulfillment. An extraordinary adventure that will last thousands of centuries and will create hundreds of memories. Change means a life fully lived. Change means using all your coping skills to ride along this crazy existence.

As we go on with our daily shenanigans, we always carry a little doubt within us about the reality that things may not be the way they are now when tomorrow comes. That's why we must live in the present, enjoy every moment of it, because once change comes we become powerless.

Sometimes, change can make you or break you. I have had my ups and downs with change because it seems to always come in a very unconventional time.

For example, you have just found a person that you really click with but you learn that you're not classmates with him or her anymore next semester, and to make change more effective, you now are classmates with some of the people you really hate to death. It sucks so much you want to cry.

But you can't do anything about it, all you can do is accept it and adjust to your new surroundings. Will it be hard? Sure. Do you need to fake it 'til you make it? Of course! Change let's out the inner survivor within you. Change makes you realize that you are much stronger than you think you are. Change is subtly helping you grow into a more mature person, more civilized, more professional.

After going through a lot of change, I have learned to look at it in a positive way. I have managed to love it, sometimes even look forward to it. They say growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone, right? Well, that is what change wants you to achieve! It is helping you grow and is producing the greater version of you by putting you into situations that you never wish you would be-in any way, shape, or form.

We must always keep in mind that the things that we fear might just be the key to our improvement. I'm not saying that you should be detached to the people around you, because, you know, change-- all I'm saying is be prepared while living in the moment.

Love change because if it doesn't exist, no progress will ever be made. And that is not a good thing, is it?

Published by Bianca Fermiza