Away from the relationship issues I rant about everyday, today’s post is on how I manage to lift myself up when I feel am struggling with the weight of the world on my shoulders for far too long. When the load is too much for me to carry. I know am not the only one who has those days and sometimes some people carry the world for weeks, months and years. I hope that my ways can help someone out there.

I remind myself that I cannot fix everything because it is not my job, even though sometimes it feels that way. It’s on these days when I feel so helpless but I call out that even the strong ones feel helpless – it happens to everyone. I stump my feet down and repeat to myself, ‘Just because I can’t make everything right, I am not helpless. I just haven’t found a solution yet’. 

I remind myself that am only human which means that there’s only so much I can possibly do with all the worries and dangers am facing. And if I let my anxiety take over me over and over again, I will keep going under the never ending cycle of despair. I have to face these challenges head-on because that’s part of being a human.

I ask for help – I know sometimes asking for help can be hard but the relief I get immediately after is worth a leap of faith. I just trust that someone would care enough to catch me on the other side – you can too. Open your eyes and open your hands to discover just how much help is waiting for you.

Through this days sometimes we feel like we are all alone. And the reason we get to this point is that we are so good at convincing ourselves that no one else cares about our troubles. That we are better off alone. But that’s not how to handle it. I am sure that we all have those people in our lives that care about us the most; friends, family, colleagues…. and if we allow them to help, you’ll feel the weight of the world getting lighter – we need each other!

I do not allow my mistakes to define me – Sometimes I find myself making the same mistakes over and over again but I don’t let that make me feel unworthy or weak. Newsflash! Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just how you deal with them. Plus it just makes you the same as everyone on this planet. So I never my mistakes to beat me to a worthless point in life.

I remind myself that am doing the best I can. The truth is, if you’re trying, even a little bit, each day –that’s the best you can do and even if it doesn’t feel like its enough, just the fact that you’re still going really is. 

Lastly, I listen to music. Sometimes music is the only thing that gets your mind off of everything. And if I had the money to travel with friends and enjoy life, that too would be the best therapy.

Through all this remedies, I never forget to pray. Prayer is the most important conversation of my day. 

Am sure people have their own ways of dealing with some struggles in their lives, this is just my few important steps that make me a better person. That make me face this cruel world with my head high.

If you have more ways, you can share on the comment area. Help me, Help you

Blessed day.



Published by Doreen Eshinali