After months of hearing rave reviews on Sophia Amoruso’s ,founder of Nasty Gal, book #GIRLBOSS , I decided to check it out. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be a guide to building a business or a memoir? I was pleasantly surprised to find that I got a little bit of both. What I liked most about this book was that  the narrative was so raw and down to earth. I felt as if i was reading a book from an old friend.

Here are some things I personally took away from the book:


1.”Money Looks Better in the Bank, Than on Your Feet - You would think running a fashion empire that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars ,that she would be a big advocate for paying for quality over quantity and  blah blah blah. I was quite surprised that she preached a ideology of being very frugal. Learning money management was very important and huge to key to Amoruso’s succes. “If you learn how to control your finances you won't find yourself stuck in jobs ,places ,or relationships that you hate because you can't afford to go anywhere else. Being in a good spot financially can open up so many doors.” She even goes on to tell a personal anecdote about a time when she went to buy a Porsche after achieving her hundred million dollar mark within her company but because her credit was so bad they denied her for a loan. Ultimately, she had to pay in cash for new ride. Now I know that's out of most our reach now, but the point I'm making is that how cool is it that she was so open, and revealed that even though she was a millionaire she still didn't have it all together.


2. “Treat your MInd like Your money, don't waste it,-  Sophia introduces her way of thing called “magical thinking. “ Focus on the positive things in your life and you'll be shocked at how many more positive things are happening. Before you start to think you just got lucky, remember that it's magic and you made it up yourself.”  She explains that she really lives by way of thinking positive at all cost. You are only as good as your thoughts. If you continue to have a negative mindset, negativity is where you will dwell.  But, if should dare to think positively, you will be surprised at how much that will help change your outlook and outcome.


3.”Own your style like you Own your car”- Every girl struggles with finding themselves and learning how to love themselves. Self-love is a process that you continually work on throughout one's life. One thing that I love about this book is that she was such an advocate for being yourself and finding your inner #GIRLBOSS.It was all about following the beat of Your own drum and I think that she used that recipe her entire way to success which is how she was able to stay true to herself AND become extremely successful.


If you're feeling like you're not good enough or you're having doubts about your own entrepreneurial endeavours this is a great book to read! It is an  amazing self esteem booster  and gives an overview and how to unleash you own #GIRLBOSS! Thanks Sophia for being brave enough to be yourself, which in turn will help Girl Bosses everywhere!


I didnt want to give the whole book away, but heres where you can purchase it! ––paperback


Published by Christina Mendez