I was intimidated by Gretchen Rubin’s photos of what she read every week, especially when she posted a pile of four books or more. I am a bookworm but I have never read more than two books in a week, actually sometimes I finish only one in a whole month.

In my journey of discovering myself, I already decided to read at least two books every week, however, few weeks ago I picked up four; Eat That Frog, Rich Habits, Me Before You, and Talk Like TED.

I managed to finish all of them in exactly 8 days and I felt overwhelmed by the huge amount of information I learned. These books (the three self-help books) bombarded my brain with new experiences to live and new ideas to apply; I can say they totally consumed my mind that I forgot my bad habit of spending too much time on social media.

I figured out that being busy could be a superefficient way to keep you away from your bad habits and eventually will make you feel better for using your time well.

On the other hand I found a setback that made me feel a little bit guilty. I could not spend much time with my family as I was anchored to my seat reading the four books most of the day. I considered the whole thing for a while and then resolved to read only two or three books every week; to manage my time well on one hand and to spend enough time with my family on the other!

Published by Hend Halim