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If Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor are anything to go by, my "buns" won't be exciting an anaconda any time soon, and I don't have a lot of booty for the boys to hold at night (although my boyfriend may beg to differ). When Minaj advised us to "fuck the skinny bitches", I most likely come into that category.

Society has always enjoyed telling us what we should deem "attractive", and it is clear that the slim 90's differs greatly from the curvy desire of today. Although it is important to celebrate all body sizes, I hope one day it doesn't have to be at the expense of another. When people praise slim figures, they most likely shame curvy figures in the process, and when people praise curvy figures, they most likely shame slim figures in the process too - so I ask, at what point are we going to stop lowering one body size to raise another?

It fills me with so much joy to see curvier figures being finally appreciated for the true beauty that they are, but I struggle to listen to empowering songs like that of Meghan Trianor without feeling slightly uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with having "bass", but what is so bad about being a "skinny bitch"?

The only way that we could ever move forward would be to empower all body sizes in their own right, not shame women above size 10 for wearing a bikini whilst also preaching that anything less than an hourglass figure is unacceptable. Whether you're a "bass" or a "treble",  no one has the right to tell you that you are inadequate.

Published by Megan Lupton