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Okay, so first thing’s first. An explanation for the title of this post. The reason why the ‘Inspires Me’ part is separate from the ‘Keeps Me Writing’ part is because I don’t just write. I’ve been told I have a creative mind so I have things and ideas floating through all day and sometimes I choose to ignore it, sometimes I decide to do something about it.

When I was in 11th Grade I decided to drop maths because no matter what people say, you’re not actually going to need it later in life…depends on your occupation and such. Don’t make stupid decisions and drop a subject you actually need- kind of goes without saying. Anyway, I dropped out of math because I don’t like the subject, so why suffer but I continued with Accounting. Funny thing…it turned out that my Accounting and Math went hand in hand, so when I dropped Math, my grades for Accounting went so far under, not even Hades could catch it in the Underworld.

You must be wondering what Accounting and Math have to do with my writing. The answer: nothing. Think of it as a metaphor. I write, I love writing, but if I have no ideas in my natural writing life, my blog suffers because that means, badly written reviews, no RST (Random Story Time) and a blog that looks like it had the soul sucked out from it.

I don’t have any one thing that inspires me. I’ve always said that the world itself inspires me. I don’t have a muse- I’m starting to think that I need one- so whenever I get an idea, I immediately write it down. I don’t have that thing/person I look it and think ‘wow, I could write pages right now’. I’m the person that sleeps all day and stays up all night and listens to music because songs tell a story and maybe that can help me. I dream about what is and cannot be, I try to live in another world and I try to have my stories reflect that.

When I was younger, I feel like my stories came easily to me. Being a teenager sucked, so all I wanted to do was write my problems away. Now that I’m older, I still have problems but I don’t find myself wanting to write about them anymore. My earlier works had a lot of my true life in it and since I stopped doing that, it’s been slightly harder for me to find the words to convey my thoughts. I see the story in my head but I find it difficult to write it down. I’m now on that train that says ‘one word at a time’.

I think it was 2014 when I put a post up on Wattpad stating that I was taking a year long sabbatical. In that year, there would be no writing done and I’d focus on just living. That didn’t work out so well. A few months in, I started getting comments that I should update my stories. Tip: when taking a break, make sure all stories are complete, otherwise what’s the point? So, I resumed writing and that break never really happened. So in answer to what keeps me writing: You. My readers, my followers. Anyone that reads my stories and wants more. It has been like this since I started writing.

My first story went up and within a night it had received 100 reads. That was a lot for me especially since I had no one backing me up from the inside. That story now has over 200k reads. I’m not popular by any means and I won’t publish my stories- I’ll write a post about this one day- but the fact alone that I’m writing is worth the time and the headaches I get for overthinking.

Thank you for your support, dear readers. You have no idea how much I mean it when I say I appreciate it. Your comments give me hope and allow to continue wanting to make you happy.

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