Those new to the astral plane might not know about a fetch (commonly confused with a doppelgänger). A fetch is your astral plane companion, different from a doppelgänger, which is another representation of yourself in the current plane or the spirit plane (not the astral plane). You can summon your fetch very easily, but you have to establish a relationship, as you are not the same person as your fetch, and don’t share memories. To summon your fetch, you will need:

A mirror

A white candle

As much darkness as you can

To start the ritual, light the candle and close the door. look into the mirror and at your reflection. Say in a voice that feels natural in the situation (be it a whisper or a shout or anything in between):

I am You, and You are Me

But now I wish Us Two to be

My Voice is Yours and Yours is Mine

I tie Us but ’till End of Time

My Name is [your name], I call You Mine

Together Us Bindeth and Forever We Be

Note** The candle should be the only light source in the room!

Repeat the spell for the whole time and when you feel as if something is happening, you can vary the spell, but always include the first and last line. When you’re done and want to leave, remember to bid your fetch goodbye! This is very very important!! Remember, now your fetch can access you through any reflective surface. If you build your relationship, your fetch will grow more powerful, and will be able to contact you without reflections. Eventually, you may be able to cohabitate with your fetch. So why would someone want a fetch?

Fetches have so many uses, from a companion when your alone, to a vital component in complicated spells, to strengthening your astral projecting. Fetches can be used for anything a familiar or a doppelgänger can do and there is no chance of corruption because they are you, just a different form. While fetches are not necessary for witchcraft, they are highly recommended because it makes many spells and practices easier. You can use your fetch to scry, astral project, even communicate with someone else provided both of your fetches are strong enough! Be careful and remember to always put protection spells in place when working with mirrors!

Good luck finding your fetches and happy casting!

Published by Kalaeo Nox