Own home is something which can dream of almost every individual. Own thing is always precious for everyone’s life. That’s why the banks provide privileges home loans option. With the fund option, it will go easier to get financial help and make a dream come true.

Reliance home loan is among those companies who can support people buy their dream home. There are few factors which can decide instant approval. Let’s find out below pointers.

  • Salary

  • A regular job

  • A bank statement of past six months

  • Salary slip of past six months

  • Owned property

  • And fixed deposit

How Reliance Home Loan EMI Calculator Beneficial For You?

When you take financial support from the bank, so it’s understood should payback month on month. So this calculator tells you the exact monthly amount which needs to pay to the lenders. Reliance home loan EMI calculator is a magical tool, where you need to login and mention few information according to the bank’s requirement.

Open the site, mention amount, interest rate, and tenure. These are the key factors, after filling all required details within a second system tells payable amount. This amount you need to pay back every month to the lender without any fail. Do you know one most amazing thing? You can check reliance home loan EMI calculator, until not satisfied with the post report. This tool can use free there is no charge.

What Is The Eligibility And KYC Of A Home Loan?

These things are a most concerned area, where you should fit otherwise the bank can reject your application request. They can divide categories into two part a salaried or self-employed.

Eligibility Factor For A Salaried

  • Your age should be as per bank’s norm

  • And a spotless previous credit history

KYC Factor For A Salaried

  • Identity proof: A copy of passport, driving license, and any governmental photo ID

  • Address proof: A copy of Aadhaar card, voter ID, and passport

  • Signature proof: Government employee ID card, bankers verification, and driving license

  • Income proof: Salary certificate, last two years salary slip, and a copy of income tax return

  • Bank Statement of last six months of the salary account

  • And a confirmation letter if current job is less than one year

Eligibility Factor For A Self-Employed

  • Your age should be as per bank’s norm

  • And a spotless previous credit history

KYC Factor For A Self-Employed

  • Bank statement of last six months of the business accounts

  • Office address

  • Tax audit report of individual partnership and company

  • And a sales tax return

What Is The Reliance Home Loan Interest Rates And Why It’s Necessary?

When you are planning to get the home loan for a dream home, that time interest rate is also matters. That’s why the time of calculating EMI also can check interest rates which would be plus point for you. Now reliance home loan interest rates starting from 8.75% to 10.00%  with Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 5 crore for up to 30 years. Processing fee, prepayment is Nil, the value of loan 80% of the property and you should be minimum 21 years of age and maximum of 65 years when applying

Published by Zachary McGavin