Alright world, I have a problem and need some opinions from all of you who can offer some advice for someone in my position.  I have a decision that needs made and I am scared to make the wrong decision! Firstly, all of you know I am on the road to being certified in personal training and currently have my AS in exercise science. Just in case no one knows, I do not need a degree in order to be a personal trainer but I wanted a degree. Now I have hit a crossroad in my life where I need to choose: Go back to school for my BA in exercise science OR focus my attention on getting my personal training cert and getting a job in my field (not interning, which I am doing now).  I know this seems like an obvious answer; do BOTH! but for me, that would be too overwhelming and I am not trying to lose my mind and lose interest by over-doing everything.  I have thought about this and it seems so crazy to me that I cannot make a final decision but I need to make the decision before the 17th because I was accepted at the college already.  Both journeys make sense and both have their pros and cons, what I have come up with is no matter what I need certified in personal training in order to have the proper title.. which makes sense and I know personal trainers who do not have their bachelors and are doing really well for themselves.  I know personal trainers who have no degree and are doing well, with multiple certs. I just don't know what makes sense for me to do, and how I should go about this decision.  People have told me, I can always go back to school later if I decide I need to down the road and this is very true.  Nonetheless, if you are a personal trainer, I want your opinion and honest opinion about it. I don't mind hearing from other people in my field of exercise science, etc..

I realize no matter what, it will be up to me to make the final decision.. as to what I want to do and focus on, but I want other people's opinions because I am on the verge of losing my mind and it sucks!

Your Fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


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