What is inspiration to you? Is it a person? A smell? A taste? A view? An event?

It's time to name drop, sort of, today my manager told me I should write about my inspiration - clearly expecting me to write about him, how he's a God and how I would not have got this far if I had never have met him. Obviously, this is so, 100% true. But in all seriousness, it got me thinking. What/who is my inspiration? I've never really thought about it.

Inspiration isn't limited to one particular thing. It is all down to perception. Inspiration isn't always a positive thing. Sometimes, a person can be inspired by something negative happening to them - allowing them to create the most raw piece of work they have ever created. But inspiration isn't just giving someone an idea to do something. People can be inspired to imitate people, to learn lessons and so much more. A person's inspiration can build a person.

So what is my inspiration?

I have no idea... and that's okay. I can be inspired by many things depending on the time, the day, the mood, the situation. I'm still figuring out what my main inspiration is, I'm excited for the journey I'll be going on to find out.

Tip: Don't take anyone or anything for granted, even the smallest of things, you never know what could inspire you in the future. That hooded teenager you saw aiding an old man across the road the other day could change your life.

But I'm interested, what is your inspiration?

Published by Lucy Scoble