What is beauty? In the world today, 'beauty' is mostly used when describing a 'hot' person, someone who uses their makeup properly, someone who goes to the gym everyday, new iPhone and technology. And because of that, for me, the meaning of the word is lost. This might sound a bit too strong for you but that's how I feel sometimes of the time.

What is beauty?


However, sometimes, this is what beauty means to me. The sunlight hitting you while being in contact with nature. Today people are always looking and living within their phones. I go on the train and see everyone looking down on their screens, watching a video, reading an eBook, checking their Facebook, playing clash of clans or some other online game. It almost feels embarrassing or creepy to be the only one looking up!

We are living in a world of technology and modern buildings. I'm not saying it's a bad thing because it does have it's perks. Easier ways to find answers, instant map to get to places, sharing moments with people who are far away from you and really, staying connected.

Now, beauty is something that is highly valued by many people. But, why does it have to be people's looks?

To me, this is another answer to the question, What is beauty?

It's not just nature, but also things built by us! Another version of beauty, that only a few people notice. Young people go to the city to go to clubs and bars. Go on dates and take photo that could get 'instafamous'. Take a moment. Take a moment to really appreciate what's in front of you, because, soon enough, these will all disappear.

What is beauty?

In my opinion, these two pictures are two of the best description of the word. I mean these are obviously not the only description but definitely included in the list. The differences between the city lights and the forest. The things built by humans and the things that we just can not get rid of because deep down we know that we need them too.

What does the word beauty mean to you?

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