It’s quite funny, as I never imagined me being a diamond painter.

I used to say “I don’t have the patience”... But at the end I was wrong.

When I tried diamond painting, I got addicted fairly quick. 

But, what Is diamond painting…? 

Diamond painting is what the name itself says, and much more!

You’ll make paintings with little stones, named diamonds.

Using thousands of those little stones, you’ll end up with a beautiful painting. 

You can buy an entire painting, for you to make… And believe me, it’ll keep you busy for days, depending how much time you decide to spend on it ofcourse. 

But the best thing about diamond painting is that everyone can do it.

Literaly everyone is capable of diamond painting.

Even though it is recommended to prevent kids under the age of 6 of playing with it.


How do I Start with Diamond Painting?

First you’ll need to buy a painting, or well a packet.

Make sure the painting is something you like.

This will motivate you more. 

Click : Diamond painting if you want to check out an in depth tutorial. 

Make sure your workspace is clean, because dust can have a bad influence on your painting. 

Also, it’ll be more fun to work in a nice workspace where you can focus just on your


Then you’ll need to unpack everything, but don’t go and spill everything around.

Make sure to keep things, nice as they are.

That way you’ll be able to navigate more quickly. 

When all that is done, you can actually start with your painting.


Fast Growing Hobby

But becarefull, don’t give up when things seem hard and you can’t focus.

Take your time, take a break and start again.

You’ll feel a certain feeling that makes you want to paint more. 

It’s also one of the quickest growing hobbies there is with a very big community behind it. Which is also nice, since you can talk about your paintings and share them. 

It’s such a fast growing hobby, that people are selling their paintings. 

It’s also ideal for people with autism or concentrating problems, I know sounds weird though? Because you need a lot of concentration for this.

But it’s ideal, just because you can focus on it in your own time. 

You don’t need no guidance, you can’t do anything wrong. 

And at the end? They’ll have a fantastic painting, which will cause them to paint more.

It’s amazing, I witnessed a lot of great things, happening to people.

And on it’s own it’s also something very beautifull to do… 

Everyone can do it… 

...It doesn’t cost a lot of money, as you can start almost instantly.

You don’t need a lot to start. 

All you need?

Is a painting, and the time to complete it. 

The rest will come all by itself. 

The goal is to stay focussed, choose your goals on a daily base and try to get it done.

Don’t make up excuses and just do it…

...You’ll see, at the end? You’ll love it… And you’ll be thankful because you didn’t quit.

Published by Edward Martin