It seems that as the years go on and social media gains more power over the people, girls are dressing and acting older as soon as possible. I see these girls who are 14 years old who are wearing short skirts and in a club drinking! How? Why? When I was 14 I was sat in my room playing sims. Yeah so gay right? Na, I was having the time of my life, no stress or peer pressures, no worries about makeup or dressing up.

Don't get me wrong I was not a complete recluse, I went to the park and meet friends, I wore flared jeans and a huge jumper. Ha, looking back I looked a mess, but that was the point, it didn't matter if I got any of it dirty by running around. Now, I hardly ever seen young girls and boys hanging round the park, instead I see the hanging out in groups outside the local shop in their short shorts with their bellies out flirting with lads who are in tracksuits and snapbacks. All with iphones, I mean I had a Nokia with two numbers in it, I used to just have to go up to the park to see who was out, never be able to text and see. Everyone at the time was using myspace and bebo! It really is crazy to see how times have changed so fast.

I mean I am not generalising this to all young girls. It just worries me that these girls must be under so much pressure from society, peers or family that they feel they have to dress inappropriately, drink and try drugs. Is this because they feel they have low self-esteem? Don't feel in control of their life? I just wish there was a way to help these girls be themselves.

I mean maybe they are being themselves, feeling confident and in control. Maybe I am too quick to judge and grew up in a different time where dial up internet connection was still a thing. It makes me scared to think my little cousin is only 3 and I worry what she will be like when she is 14. What will times be like then? With teenage pregnancies on the rise and their use of drugs it is scary.

I hope that one day I can offer support to young girls who are searching for it. Give them confidence, help them through difficult times. I could be wrong, these girls are just doing what society is telling them too. Just have to accept it

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt