I had one of those days today; the day from hell! The day where Murphy’s Law of anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, ruled. I’m sure you’ve had one (or two) of these days yourself. Today, I was really down as it seemed everything was against me. But, I have a rule; no matter how bad things seem, always try to find and look at the bright side. I tried my utmost best to stay true to this today more than any other day, but I am sure you can agree that there are some days when doing this is very hard. But today was a real test as it made me think hard about happiness and what makes me (and other people) happy.

The Oxford Dictionary defines happiness as “the state of being happy”. This then led me to ask, what is the definition of happy. “Happy” is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”. On this particular day, it was really hard to feel or show pleasure or contentment. But, on my way home, I heard Pharrell’s song “Happy” playing on the radio. Have you ever really listened to the words of the song?  I needed it today more than any other day and it did make me happy!

As I sang and danced while driving home I thought about happiness, what it is and what it means to be happy. I thought about all the little things to appreciate, all the little miracles that happen daily and I was reminded to celebrate the small victories. So, I wanted to give you a list of things that I try to remember in hard times, things that help me to see the bright side. In essence, things that make me happy. To me, happiness is:

  1. Chocolate goodness – A slice of moist, rich chocolate cake, a serving of smooth chocolate ice cream, a chocolate bar; basically, anything with chocolate.
  2. Bread pudding– A slice of warm bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream (yes, I have a sweet tooth).
  3. Warm sunshine – Has the sun ever kissed your cheeks on a cold day? Enough said?
  4. A cool Caribbean breeze – Feel the wisp of a cool breeze on a hot day (and in Jamaica there are many).
  5. My boys – Watching my sons, Matthew and Michael play video games and playing Mario Kart™ with them.
  6. Family cartoon time– Watching cartoons (sorry anime!) with my boys (all three of them).
  7. My Girls– Chatting with my girlfriends and not to mention girls’ night out!
  8. Eating in the midst of love – Food and good company pairs well. I love eating out with family and friends; very little compares to a table full of my family members laughing, chatting and enjoying a good meal.
  9. My human pillow – Sleeping on Gabriel’s side of the bed (even if it means sleeping on top of him!)
  10. My kids’ Independence– Watching my sons do homework without my help.
  11. My kids’ Intellect– Watching my sons play chess or listening to them argue about the theory of evolution and whether or not humans really evolved from apes (this one was interesting and hilarious)
  12. Cooking – Cooking a fantastic meal for my boys and watching them eat and enjoy every forkful.
  13. New Shoes!– C’mon ladies! We can never have enough. You know we love buying or getting new shoes.
  14. New clothes! – What’s a new pair of shoes without the matching outfit?             
  15. That kick-ass Marketing Plan – Finishing that winning marketing plan is everything!
  16. Winning Financial Wars – It’s a battle well fought when I get the marketing expense budget I wanted approved by finance!
  17. SHOPPING! – Even if its grocery shopping; and yes, I get excited about that too!
  18. Pamper-me-time – Getting a facial, or full body massage.
  19. One down!– Crossing a task off my to-do list.
  20. Karaoke– Having a karaoke session with my son Michael.
  21. Kissing my boys – Taking time to kiss my boys while they sleep because I’m no longer allowed to kiss them while they’re awake.
  22. Date night – Because personal time with hubby is necessary and always a pleasure!

I could go on and on. What’s important is that when you take the time to count your blessings, you will realize that you have more than enough to be happy about. How many on my list can you relate to? What are some of your happy moments?

Published by Krishta-Gay Lewis-Harewood