At this very moment, what is right in front of you? Other than your computer, laptop or cellphone. Look more closely or further away. A picture of your loved one in a special frame next to your device, your ginger cat lazing across the sun soaked window sill or your favourite key chain. Take some time to appreciate the significance of whatever caught your eye. I’m sure it holds great meaning in various ways. Where did it come from? Who gave it to you?  How has your pet changed your life for the better?

For me what is right in front of me, just beyond the edge of my laptop screen is a complex weave of possibilities. Something that holds great mystery to me. In front of me is a mixture of feelings which swirl through my veins just as my blood pumps through the intricate passages. Feelings of happiness, joy, excitement and fear. So much fear.  Fear of all that could go wrong but if I’m really honest there’s probably  a large amount of  fear over everything that could go right. Everything that probably will go right.

What is in front of me is something that I didn’t  have in my life a mere 3 months ago. Imagine that, something right in front of me at this  very moment is something that I never knew could exist in my life a  very short time ago. Yet this something is now the reason I am writing this blog post. This something is even more than that, I have many reasons to do so many more things and be so much more of who I am, who I should be, who I crave to be.

Funny that, how something can bring so much hope into your life when you least expect it. Speaking of least expecting, another great joy just walked into my field of vision in the form of my  3 year old cat, putting his tail across my screen and rubbing his head against my laptop as if it just gave him the biggest and juiciest piece of chicken he has ever had. Now I have two great somethings in front of me that bring me so much joy and make my life that much better just by being in it.

Now back to what is in front of you, can you imagine what your life was like before it entered into it? Those early (or in my case recent) memories, do they remind you of a time when you  wished you had something more in your life, or are they happier times. If it’s the latter, then please stop reading this and go throw it away right now! If the memories before your piece are ones where you longed for the presence of the something that has been on your mind throughout this whole post, then switch off your device and go appreciate that something. Like I am about to do right now.

P.S – My first something has a heartbeat and a really great smile.

Published by Casey Roche