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A what´s in my bag article or video is probably one of my favourites to read or watch. I just love seeing what a specific person carries with them everyday. I think what you carry also says a lot about yourself as a person. Whether you are a neat or sloppy person, if you are always prepared for everything etcetera. Today I am sharing with you what I carry in my everyday bag.


My favourite bag is a simple black bag with a long chain and strap at the top. I used to always carry huge bags but lately I have been opting for smaller bags that I can also wear by my shoulder or crossbody. The bag has three compartments, two zip compartments and the one in the middle has a magnetic closure. The bag is very convenient in use because you can divide your stuff within the three compartments. I always put important items in the compartment closest to my body so it’s safe and the rest I put in the other two compartments.

So now for the content of the bag. I always carry with me my phone, wallet, passport and keys. These four things go in the third compartment from the front so they are safe. In de second compartment with the magnetic closure I put a chapstick and lipstick, a small perfume and moisturizer. And in the last one there are always a pair of sunglasses, earphones and a scrunchie.

So these are all the things I put in my bag. Hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know in the comments below what you carry in your handbag.




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