What is Love... The feeling of excitement when the phone rings and you know it's him calling. When you see him walking through the halls at school and just the sight of him makes you blush. Secretly passing notes while sitting in class while the teacher is at the blackboard. It's hard to find that kind of love in this society. When you find it you should do all you can to hold on to it. That love that gives you butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Love that causes you to giggle when your sitting on the porch with your friends and he walks by. That smile you get when someone says his name knowing damn well they aren't talking about the same person. Love is a feeling that is explained in so many ways. But the love of a friend, sister, brother, mother father, or cousin is in no way compares to the love you have for "that one" it's a feeling that makes you feel like your floating. It's been awhile since I've had butterflies from love. I want to feel chills up my spine by just the thought of that special one. Love, a feeling of pure satisfaction, of gained beyond your wildest fantasies. For some it's a feeling that simply can't be described... S. Butterfly 💋

Published by Life of a Unique Woman