As we are approaching Valentine's Day, suddenly everything surrounding us is decorated in pink and red, and all chocolates are shaped as hearts. All these beautiful decorations in efforts to remind us that love should be celebrated. Although, I am a firm believer that LOVE should be celebrated every day and should never be forgotten, it has to be said that these decorations, chocolates, and music to set a rather romantic mood. 

Love is not something that can be defined in one word or even one sentence. It is not always romantic and can bring a whole spectrum of emotions to life. So, what is love? What does it mean to us? Below are the responses of people that come from different background and cultures and who have agreed to share their thoughts on the subject.

“Love is a rollercoaster of emotions that no one will ever be able to control nor to explain. It's about those scary butterflies that sets your soul on fire, and leave you with a mark forever.” - Bellezarebel

Have you ever tried to describe what exactly you were feeling when you are in love? It is not easy because you feel all sorts of emotions from excitement to anxiety, having butterflies in your stomach. The best feeling ever! Just remember that love is never jealous and always kind. 

"Love covers a broad spectrum of feelings but I believe true love is being able to depend on a person(s) and feeling like nothing else matters at that moment when you are with them.” - Alex 

Couldn't agree more. It is like when you find your person - it just feels right. The minute it becomes complicated and exhausting - it is not love, it is a game with no winners.
Love is intentional, something you should fight for every day because it is so worth it - Leslie

You don't find love, it finds you and it is on purpose not accidental. And once love has knocked on your door, you let it in and you fight for your happiness and for your love because you can't let it slip away through your fingers.

Let's have a look at Love from a different angle:

“Let's say: plenty of elements get me going in the morning with the happiness of having what I have. But family love remains what gives me energy to achieve goals, travel, face difficulties, take risks. I feel lucky to have such power and confidence that they will always support me even in the bad times. I could not feel good without knowing that they are safe and happy. And every time I travel or live abroad, there is always that wonderful feeling to be back HOME! This is what love means to me! Even if there are several types of love, this one is special and individual to each one of us. That love is definitely my biggest strength.” - Benoit

 This is such a privilege to know what Love means and having a loving family. Often we talk about Love in romantic sense only. Yet there is much more to it than meets the eyes. 
My favourite thoughts on the subject came from my best friend. 

Love is just difficult to describe because you can’t qualify love or put a price on love like you can most things.  Love to me means feeling security and comfort. You can feel this in the bond that you share with people, with nature, your surroundings and admittedly, the relationship you have with materialistic things. Love is rich with feelings of happiness, excitement, adventure and sometimes even sadness. LOVE can have you feeling 10 different emotions in one. - Jessyca

It is true that you cannot qualify love nor can it be bought or sold or traded. Love comes to you when you are ready for it, sometimes when you least expect and sometimes love is next to us all the time and for some reason we are not seeing it. Love makes you sympathise and empathise with the person, put his/her needs and wants before your own and sometimes love means realising that the other person's happiness simply does not include you. And if you love them, you will let them go for their own happiness. Love is all around us and it can be felt in a hug of friend, or in support from your family and it can touch your heart for ever.
So, I guess now I have to share my own thoughts, so here it goes:
Love is not easy to define in one word, sentence or even a paragraph. Love brings out the best in people and brightens people's life with joy, happiness and a whole cocktail of emotions. Love is never jealous and is very understanding. Love is patient and kind. Love is all around us. - Karina
What about you my dear readers, any thoughts to share?


Published by Karina Saakyan