Few days back one of my friends asked me a question which i am sure has troubled all of us atleast once in our lifetime. "What is Love" ? And as i gave all the answers in the book it got me thinking is it really all that. Wiki says Love is a variety of different feelings,states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure,Science says its just a chemical reaction of different hormones in your body , Books tell us its unconditional, accepting and kind And movies tells us that when you can't stop thinking about the other person and they are the only one that matters; that's love. I would say that's more on the lines of obsession and infatuation.

According to me, Love is like a scent of perfume. Strong at the beginning,alluring, it becomes you but with time it melts down into something sublime and subtle which doesn't have an overpowering presence but its just there like a whiff.You love someone and they know it and they love you and you know it, but its a party and you both are talking to other people,and you look across the room and catch each other's eye but not because its possessive or precisely sexual..but because..that is your person in this life. Frances Ha really nails it. It all sounds romantic but its not the complete reality. Most of us never find that person. Maybe we stop looking too soon or we find them but are too scared or proud to be with them. Ohh being adult is complicated. 

Love is over-rated. It has the glossy covering of sweet lies making it appear beautiful. Its a money making machine. Just amount of money people make selling books, movies, music about love is just insane. I guess we are more in love with the feeling of being in love rather than really being in love. You love your parents,friends, bf/gf, pets and it should be same for everyone. Definition of love shouldnt vary with respect to the person you are in love with. "I cant live without you, you are my life" is just for the fairy tales. People live. One love goes you find a replacement to fill it and that's why its everlasting cause it doesn't depend on just 2 mortal humans.

It does have the power to change you. But if love is supposed to be unconditional and accepting why does someone have to change to be loved ?? If love is supposed to be unconditional then why do we have so many terms and conditions from society?? And if love is supposed to be kind then why is that the person we love the most hurts us the most?? Einstein !! Yeah i am skeptic. But i do agree it makes you happy. It puts you on cloud nine. But then one of spoon of mom's cheesecake does too. Just saying !!!

Published by Tanvi Deshpande