Technology has always spread fast within the online gaming industry; especially since gaming consoles have joined the PC gaming community in connecting to the World Wide Web. We all know that multiplayer gaming is now available on the internet. With this technology Multi-Player Online Battle Arena Gaming has become a billion US$ industry despite the gameplay being free – with this technology and money, there is now a huge demand for boosting.

Boosting is not exactly a technology as such. The services that provide the boosting services are the technology behind providing MOBA players with a boosting service. Take league of Legends for example. League of Legends is also known as LOL, and it is a popular MOBA game.

As with many MOBA style games, as a player, you are given a rating. That rating ranges from let’s say level 1 all the way up to level 10. Level 10 players would be your pro player bracket. Level 9 would then be your semi-pro bracket. In LOL, players are given divisions. The idea is that as each player becomes a better more all-round player, then that player will progressively increase their division level.

The major problem a lot of players have is that they end up with bad teammates. As there is a chat box on the game, players can start to argue or blame each other for bad plays. This can be disruptive and tends to happen a lot at the lower levels of the game. Why it occurs at the lower levels more than higher levels is not clear, but either way, it is disruptive.

For anyone that plays LOL or games like Overwatch or Dota 2, you will be well aware of the blamers and those that will sulk and throw a game. This can only mean that your team loses more often than not. On top of this, this also results in slower progression on the game.

In come the boosting websites, their boosters, and their technology. The boosting websites are built in with a backend system, so players can log into the site and their player account. From this player account, they can select what is most likely a Level 8 or 9 player to play games on their behalf. Now if you are a level 3 or 4 players, even a level 5 player, then a level 8 or 9 player single handily can clean up and win every game for you resulting in your player rating improving on the game.

You can check out sites that specialize in these services such as elo boosting services. Here you will find that the service offers a login area and sign up area. There is also a lot of information about the way the service works. In the back end of this website is an area where members are able to select the booster that they would like to use, or they can be assigned a booster.

Chatting with the booster is allowed via the website, which is very cool. It means the entire interface is set up with a chat as well as selection process option for getting the right booster for your account.

The most impressive technology into this website

Players can use the website interface that logs into the backend of the games the booster is playing on behalf of the player. This means that the player is able to see booster wipe out the other team while the booster is playing. At the same time, this technology means that the player can gain some useful tips and strategy from the booster. For example, you may be confused when there is a good time or bad time to back out of a team fight. Sometimes when even if you get involved, you will still be outnumbered, it can be a good idea to back out. Especially if you are going to get there late anyway – in the end, you would just be feeding the other team.

Thanks to the technology on the op-boost website, players can see the booster and his actions.

Published by Arina Smith