Body pain is very tough to handle and you always need professional therapists to heal it. There are many types of body pain and the main one is pelvic floor muscles, which is the root cause for mainly body functions.  Pelvic Floor Muscles help you to use the bathroom properly, engage sexually, birth children and even stabilize your spine, back, and abdomen.

Due to pelvic floor muscle problems, you can face some serious health issues related to the body's natural function. Sometimes, instead of weakening, they got tight or immobile, which can lead you to daily health issues. 

Pelvic Floor Muscles can be affected by

  • Pregnancy and childbirth for women
  • Straining on the toilet
  • Surgery or cancer treatments
  • Heavy lifting
  • High-impact exercise
  • Age

While pelvic floor physical therapy comes as an ultimate solution for many. 

“People think that pain or issues they have caused by the weakening of pelvic muscles are something they have to live with,” says Aparna Rajagopal, a physical therapist at Henry Ford Health System. “Our goal is to identify what triggers a patient’s condition and provide recommendations for relief.”

There are so many pelvic floor issues found in men and women. Which includes, 

  • Pain associated with endometriosis
  • Pregnancy-related pelvic or back conditions
  • Postpartum scaring, incontinence or pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Abdominal separation
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Chronic back or SI joint pain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Post-prostatectomy issues
  • Tailbone injuries
  • Constipation
  • Urinary or fecal incontinence

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

It includes pelvic floor muscle group, which performs a variety of functions. These muscles assist the pelvic organs, assist in bowel and bladder control, and contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm. 

To get instant healing from pelvic floor muscles, make sure you always go for trustworthy and professional physical therapists in the town to get the finest results. 

You can consult a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists if you are suffering from and of the following,

  • Treat Incontinence
  • Difficulty With Urination Or Bowel Movements
  • Constipation
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Painful Intercourse

Things your physical therapists will do

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a lot more than just Kegels. The purpose of physical therapy for pelvic muscle issues is that it will stretch, strengthen and mobilize muscles and tissues. 

What to expect in your first appointment with physical therapists:

Posture assessment

The way you move or stand, it will affect your muscle position. These muscles that were held in the wrong position will cause pain or spasms. 

Range of motion assessment

To identify the muscles, which are constrained or unusual this type of assessment is used. Sometimes when you perform wrong workout or incorrect use of muscle groups can weaken pelvic floor muscles. 

Breathing analysis

Deep breathing is the natural solution for the pelvic floor, while rapid and short breathing can cause tense and weakened pelvic floor and lower back pain. 

Pelvic muscle examination

It is an external examination that is needed to perform to understand pelvic pain or tense pelvic floor muscles. 

Techniques Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists Use


Patients need to learn about their conditions and symptoms. They should know about their pelvic anatomy. And also how all components work together. Apart from this, they need to understand how habits and hygiene affect their symptoms. Choosing professional and experienced therapists in the town will give you extraordinary benefits in healing your pelvic floor muscles. 

Pelvic floor exercises 

In this technique, patients are new and therapists explain to them about how to keep their pelvic muscles relax in relation to other muscles. To make the exercises more effective and result-oriented, they are taught breathing and timing techniques. These exercises will stretch tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones. 

Manual therapy

Manual therapy contains a long history in the field of physical therapy. Manual therapy includes hands-on hand massage and stretching so that you can get better effectiveness in posture, blood circulation, and mobility. 

According to The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT), manual therapy is a "Skilled hand movements intended to produce any or all of the following effects: improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion of the joint complex; mobilize or manipulate soft tissues and joints; induce relaxation; change muscle function; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or movement restriction."

Make sure you choose professional physical therapy services to cure your pelvic floor muscles. 

Pelvic floor biofeedback 

If you want to see how a Pelvic Floor Muscles are operating then Biofeedback techniques are used. To perform this a probe is inserted into a woman's vagina or a men’s anus and results are represented on a computer screen. 

Electrical Stimulation

This technique is a little different as compared to others. In this technique, a low voltage current is utilized to instruct patients on how to harmonize their muscle compressions. If you are suffering from pain and weakness then the electrical stimulation is the best therapeutic solution for you. 

Some benefits of Electrical Stimulation:

Helps in decreasing pain
Muscle re-education and Strengthening
It increases the range of motion
It increases circulation
It also decreases spasticity
It reduces edema
It decreases inflammation
It will improve overall function

Vaginal dilators

Are you women who want relief from pelvic muscles for easy penetration? If yes then these tube-shaped plastic devices will help you out with the best results. Women suffering from gynecological cancer can also find vaginal rehabilitation after treatment.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above listed points have given you an overview of Pelvic Floor Muscles and Therapy. No matter how hard it is, you only need professional physical therapists who will provide you instant relief. From defining pelvic floor muscles to how your therapists will treat you, every single thing is listed in this article. 

Make sure they provide all the above-listed treatment and techniques while treating your pelvic muscles so that you get easy and efficient relief. 

Are you looking for a professional pelvic floor therapy provider? If yes then Recovery Physical Therapy established in New York, NY is here to help you out with the finest therapies that you are looking for. 

Published by Rozy Andrew