If we open vocabulary of online marketing we can see the issue in the following way:


Retargeting - it is a special advertising tool with the help of which internet ads are shown only to those users that visited a page where a certain product was advertised or people showed some interest towards it.


Sounds a bit boring.


Let’s think of an issue as if we are playing with the dog. You have a ball and the aim of this game is to bring it back.


The same is true for all your visitors or customers.


Of course, you may not have a dog, neither a retargeting campaign. But what you should understand is that you will have to work a lot of experience and practice to gain something worth. Certainly, retargeting means the same to gain good results. Retargeting is one of the most important tool in your online advertising campaign. Correct retargeting gives your campaign highest CTR and conversions, try to work with advertising network for publisher to boost your revenue. CPM Advertising network helps to boost your revenue.


As we have already discussed the definition and are more or less acquainted with its nature it is high time to improve your business. Retargeting is important as gaining new clients will cost you more than contacting those who have had experience with you and will be more loyal in case of positive interaction.


There are two aims that can be covered with the approach:

brand awareness (generally was designed to attract attention of those who hasn’t purchased yet);

conversions (audience in this case some understanding of your niche and products, thus, it is time to convert this knowledge).


After realizing how helpful and fruitful it is, the first question arising, generally, is: what  to do? You can’t simply write or call your customers: hi, guys, come back, there’s no reason to break up. Such direct tactic is very extravagant and unlikely to bring high harvest. Fortunately, we have already prepared something for you.


Retargeting tactics you can use immediately after reading this article


Delayed retargeting


It is exactly the case when time works on you. Its sense is in showing different information depending on the time of last contact. For example, you can change the advantages of cooperation with you in your ads.


Selling retargeting


People are more eager to buy from the places or company they have already had such experience. One more interesting point is that regular customers spend 3-5 times more than new visitors.


The message here is simple: don’t hesitate to ask your clients to come and buy something even the prices are a bit higher now. They will be ready to pay a bit more, in some sense, they treat it as a payment for security and quality service you provide for them. They will be even more upset, if you don’t tell that you have useful and helpful products.


Email retargeting


Main secret here is not to send one and the same message to all your database. Segment the audience and send them the most relevant offers to get even more power.


Individual email retargeting


Gmail or hotmail users can be affected if you know what is SiteScout and how to use it. To say it simply, when a person opens your letter a cookie file is added to the browser and interaction with the client can be more effective.


Advertising retargeting will give users quick access to promotional offers.


Geographical retargeting


Posting ads all over the world doesn’t mean launching ad campaign of the same scope. Analyze your audience, including offline sources, where people come more often and start your campaign there, later you can turn other regions in descending order.


How to get maximum effect?


Actually, the recommendations are the same as for any other ad campaign: make tests, combine approaches, analyze results and get rid of those that don’t work at all.

Which tactic are you going to try right now?

Published by john paret