The Sip Trunk control unit consists of a series of IP telephony operators that make their services available to companies. IP telephony or VoIP Provider is like traditional telephony, only it works through the network. With an Internet connection you can start the Sip Trunk.

The  IP telephony  is able to transform voice into data packets to be transmitted through the network. What a SIP trunk does is to act as a link between an IP telephony service and a public telephony network. That is, it is the link between the company and the network.

For a company to start up this online service it is not necessary to have additional wiring. The only thing you need is a bandwidth that allows you to support the transfer of data, as well as the hiring of the necessary IP telephony channels. That is, for a company to enjoy these services, it must have:

1. An IP switchboard.

2. Quality Internet connection (ADSL, Wifi, Cable, Fiber, Satellite, 4G, WiMAX).

3. An  IP telephony operator .

4. IP phone or an IP adapter for analog telephones.

5. SIP customers.

This last point is important because SIP clients are those devices that will act as telephones to receive or broadcast calls.

Advantages of IP technology

The Sip Trunk offers a series of very attractive advantages for companies that choose to hire their services. The most outstanding are:

1. Savings: Costs are reduced considerably with the migration of an analog telephone network to an IP network. This is because the price of fixed fees decreases considerably. The category of national and international calls disappears thanks to the elimination of borders allowed by the network. On the other hand, it should be noted that internal calls that occur within the same company are free.

2. Great mobility: No matter the physical location of the office. The Sip Trunk allows you to call from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition, if a company needs to make a physical move, it only has to take the devices with them to be able to connect them in the new location.

3. Reliability: This IP telephony technology is very safe and stable. By not being dependent on the wiring, electrical faults or circuit breakages are avoided because the equipment can quickly be diverted to other places without failures.

4. Improves business productivity: The improvement of communication that occurs through the Sip Trunk makes the different departments and offices of the company work in a much more unified and effective manner. This has a direct impact on business productivity that is significantly improved.

The storage of information in the cloud has caused many companies to migrate their entire business environment and communication systems to the network. In this sense, the Sip Trunk is one more way to accelerate this migration, since the IP data remains stored on the Internet to be used later by the company.

In short, like almost all new technologies, the  Sip Trunk  has arrived to facilitate the business work that every day is adapting more to the new era 4.0.