Black Sclera contacts are a Halloween or Cosplay accessory, used for creating or recreating fictional or fantasy characters. They are widely used for Halloween and also by Cosplay artists all around the world. These Sclera contact lenses, that are mostly used in black, cover the whole eye unlike your normal contact lenses that only cover the iris. That is why they are called sclera lenses. Your normal coloured contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses like the blackout contact lenses are only 14mm or 14.5mm in diameter. These only cover the coloured part of your eyes that is called the iris.   

On the other hand your Sclera contacts are generally 22mm in diameter and while they are regarded as eye contacts they technically are not eye contact lenses. Contact lenses are devices that have arched sides and they concentrate or disperse the light entering the eyes. Your sclera doesn't do that and it cannot be used for vision correction also. It is purely used for fashion and lifestyle purposes. Sclera contact lenses are very popular at times of Halloween and you can also say the same

There is a little difference between scelra contacts and scleral contact lenses. Sclera contacts are used only for fashion purpose as they do not have a fluid reservoir. On the other hand your doctor may prescribe you with scleral contact lenses for eye treatment when other treatments are not bearing successful results.


Types of sclera contact lenses

At Halloween you usually have two types of Sclera contact lenses. One that is the normal sclera that you know and then there is the mini sclera contact lenses that have a smaller diameter but they are larger than normal coloured contacts.


Scelra Contact lenses, 22mm

The Sclera contact lenses that cover the whole of your eyes are usually 22mm in diameter. These are the ones that individuals usually wear for Halloween and Cosplay costumes.

These Sclera contact lenses cover the whole eye and depending on the colour of your lenses your eyes will appear as of that colour.


The mini sclera contacts, 17mm Sclera Contacts

There are another type of Sclera contact lenses that are a bit smaller than the usual sclera contact lenses. That is why they are called mini sclera contact lenses. Their diameter is around 17mm that is only a little larger than your normal coloured contact lenses. They will cover the iris and a very small part of your sclera.

Have you seen circle lenses that are very popular in Asia? Mostly used to mimic the appearance of anime characters? They are also mini sclera contact lenses. These lenses make your iris look bigger than its normal size.


How do we see through Sclera Contact lenses?

Like your blackout contact lenses, sclera contact lenses also have a transparent zone in the middle. The area that covers the pupil is left transparent so you can see without any hindrance in your vision. While they cover the whole eyes, they have a free zone in the middle like any other lenses.


The structure of Sclera lens

Ths structure of a sclera contact lenses has  .

Most Sclera lenses are made with high water content with high oxygen permeability for comfort wear. They are manufactured in a hygienic environment and absorbed in saline solution in individually sealed storage vials and cases. Sclera contacts can be worn be most people as they are designed to fit most eyes but you may feel a little uncomfortable with these lenses if you have not worn them before, especially if you are wearing them for longer periods.

Sclera contacts are intended to deliver an outstanding effect by covering the whole eye, the iris and sclera, with colours and pattern. These Sclera lenses are very popular in the film industry and they are very much in demand by cosplayers and those who like to go to extremes with their Halloween costumes.

After all you need to take care of your eyes and stay safe with the sclera contact lenses. Make sure you are not wearing them for longer than advisesd. No matter how gas permeable they are you cannot afford to wear them for too long as the only passage for oxygen for your eyes is the surrounding air.

Take care of your lenses before and after you wear them, clean them properly and put them in their cases. Use disinfecting solution which comes with the lenses and nothing else. Stay safe.

Published by Qais Ahmadi