Whenever I describe my blog to people they are often confused about the entire sustainability movement. When I mention eco-fashion I often get a response such as , "Oh like, it's made with organic cotton?" While that could definitely fit within the category of sustainable fashion, it definitely is just one of many aspects of the sustainable  movement.

So, to decrease the confusion, I have compiled some information and incredible sources on what sustainability really is!

IMG_6454What is sustainability

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA began working on their mission to make America more sustainable in 1969 with the inaction of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.

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There are numerous groups working towards this goal on a global level. I believe that as individuals, we can help in achieving this goal by choosing to purchase from companies with sustainable practices. This can be a daunting task for those who lead very busy lives. You might not have the time to do your own research, well that's where I come in. I take pleasure in discovering brands who make their employees and the earth their top priority. I then choose to purchase their clothing, beauty products, etc. and share my TOP finds with you! I don't believe you have to sacrifice quality, style, or convenience when making the transition to a more green life style. In fact, I'm finding the pieces are much more meaningful and stylish because it tells a story. Imagine being asked about where you bought your really cool earrings and being able to tell them about a company that pays fair wages to women in Uganda to create beautiful pieces of artwork, allowing them to get an education or support their families. Or that the shoes you are wearing are made from recycled leather!

Now I must admit I am no saint. I still struggle with the basic tasks of turning off my water while I brush my teeth or recycling. No one is perfect. And I am making the conscious effort to better in every area of my life. So if you see me on the street rocking my Calvin Klein mules, please don't judge me! A great resource for staying abreast of all things eco, is the Global Citizen Organization please check it out and be enlightened!

Published by Sakeenah Aleem