For me the best footwear for the beach must be light. Can protect your feet when swimming on a rocky area and from stingy creatures. It must look good with your clothes too so you don't have to bring too many footwear for your photos. Can be removed fast so you can relax your feet. It must be waterproof.

Slippers or Flip flops

 The good - Comfortable. Can be removed easily. Waterproof. Light for packing.

The bad - It looks too casual for photoshoot . You can't use it when swimming because it can be removed fast. There are rocky beach with many creatures that can sting and you need protection.

Strapped Sandals

 The good - You can wear it while swimming and protect your feet because it has strap and can't be removed fast.  It is versatile and you can use it for hiking too.

The bad - I don't think it looks good for photoshoot. It can be bulky on the bag and heavy to swim with. It is hard to remove unlike a slipper if you want to relax your feet.

Aqua Shoes

The good - These shoes are comfortable and really designed to protect you in the water. Faster to wear and remove than strapped sandals. It is lighter for swimming and packing.

The bad - It is not versatile and only meant to be used on the beach.

Personally, I prefer wearing slippers because I want something that I can remove very fast. Second is the sandals because of it's versatility and the ability to protect your feet.    

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Published by Chris Dela Cruz