The topic of discussion is "What is the best way to lose fat"?

Now while this seems like a simple question that comes with a simple answer, people still til this day want to know how to lose fat the best way possible. Now we have some obvious answers like exercise and eating "healthy" but I think using those as an answer is lazy in sense that people want details and already know the obvious. I am going to discuss with you in my opinion the best ways to lose fat and will be the more efficient way in losing fat so that you lose it the right way and are safe losing it and not doing things that are not recommended by specialist. To begin with, why do people want to lose fat? what is the reason for wanting to lose fat? is it because you want to lose weight, do you want your percent of body fat reduced? are you uncomfortable with your body? was it the scale that told you to do so? are you competing? are you an athlete? are you on the verge of either getting diabetes or another disease/condition? peer pressure? perception of yourself when you look into a mirror? & then ask yourself how quickly do you want to lose this fat, within a week, month, years, days, hours? because by answering all these questions for yourself.. you can create a goal and follow it. 


Fat/Lipids are one of those things that most people are grossed out by and want nothing to do with, but did you know we need some fat, we can't not have fat at all because things could malfunction and we could get sickly if we don't take care of our bodies appropriately, now I do realize some people have hardly any body fat but I want to hope that is because they have muscle because if they don't have either one.. this will cause significant health issues in the long term. Fat doesn't have to be a "bad" thing if you know the difference between good fat and bad fat and know more in depth where you feel on your body could benefit from losing the fat.  Most people find themselves wanting to lose fat around their midsection but others have fat under their arms, thighs, butts, back fat, etc. All these places on the body have an order of importance because some places on the body are okay to have more or less fat.   Down below I will bullet the answers for your question:


What is the best way to lose fat?


  • There is NO best way to lose fat.

That is simply the answer and while you probably were expecting a semi long list, I hate to hand it to you, there is no best way because losing fat takes a combination of things and patience, along with willpower.  If you thought that I was going to list a bunch of exercises and tell you what foods to eat then you probably believe there is one or more best ways to lose body fat and while I am sure your answers will not be incorrect, I can guarantee you that you will be sadly mistaken if you have high hopes that by losing fat is a magical experience of exercise and eating healthy because it comes down to willpower.. you can exercise for weeks and eat healthier foods but that all won't make a difference if after that week you decide to say "Ill skip the gym" "Eh.. I would much rather binge eat on pizza this week because I don't feel like cooking", this is about taking accountability for your choices and making sure that while you take those two steps toward losing the body fat you want, you have the willpower to stick to it until the end and continue this lifestyle after losing the body fat (maintaining the loss) and not going backwards.


No willpower = no chances at losing fat.. no matter why you want to lose it & no matter how much you exercise and eat healthier; If you don't have the willpower, you will end up back at square one again, again, and again. Now for the next part, yes exercise and eating in moderation will be the specific steps to take but what type of exercise and what kind of eating "healthier"? 


  • Exercises that incorporate many muscle groups that are weight bearing use more calories per minute
  • low intensity exercises burn through fat more, but high intensity exercises will burn  fat at a faster rate (interval training). Depending on the client or person, will depend on how their bodies will react to fat loss and which one will be more beneficial for them.
  • While cardio is know to burn fat, so is strength training but aerobic training has a bigger impact on fat burning versus strength training. 
  • Doing both strength training and cardio will burn more fat versus doing one or the other as one regimen. 

I will talk about eating healthy in another post because this is one thing not everyone will agree on, and depending on you as a person, "clean eating" has many definitions. Hopefully this post will help with anyone wanting to lose fat and will give insight into the topic. If you want to share anything, drop comments and feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading.


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