So, now I have told you what the story means to me and who my ideal reader would be. Now it seems logical to tell you what the point of my story actually is.

It is a fantasy novel so of course, escapism plays a big part. My main character, Alice, is able to escape her disability entirely within the dreamscape and she uses this to have the full advantage. The other part of it is, of course, the romance that she develops with the Dream Guardian. It holds the signs of a forbidden love which is a further incentive for her to be driven into his arms.

Simply put, the book is about overcoming diversity as well as overcoming obstacles standing in the way of true love.

Sounds a bit cliché I know. In essence, that is definitely the point of the book and what I am trying to say.

Anybody is capable of achieving whatever it is they want.

Published by Angie Trafford