White gold is becoming increasingly popular. It is elegant and simple in appearance and we can assure you that a piece of the white gold will always upgrade your style. But, what is it? It is unique and different to the usual yellow gold. Read on to discover everything you need to know about white gold.

What Is It Exactly?

White gold is an alloy of gold. It is made up of pure gold mixed with alloy metals that have white colours, like silver or palladium.

Why Is It Mixed with Alloy Metals?

When it comes to all gold jewellery, pure gold must be mixed with harder metals in order to gain harder durability and strength. On its own, gold is a soft metal and cannot hold its shape. The harder alloy materials are necessary.

This is not limited to white gold. Whether the gold is yellow, rose or white the alloy metals is important because on its own it is too soft. Additionally, the silver contributes to the white colour.

Is White Gold Real Gold?

The simple answer is yes. Even though it contains alloy metals, white gold is pure, real gold. You will know for sure if it is gold from its hallmark. All gold jewellery has a hallmark or stamp indicating is percentage of gold, like 10k or 12k.

The mark will indicate the karat weight of the piece. It will be found on the clasp of a necklace or bracelet, or on the inner band of a ring. The stamp will be a number followed by the letter ‘k’. The ‘k’ will represent how many parts of 24 of the metals is gold. For example, a mark of 14k means that 14/24 parts is gold. A 24k piece would be 100% gold.

In Europe it is measured by decimal. For example, .585 would mean 58.5% is gold.

The Advantages of White Gold

It is not only a beautiful, precious metal but it is a perfect choice for people who prefer a white, silvery appearance over gold. White gold is more affordable than platinum and more hard-wearing than silver.

Where Can You Buy It?

As noted previously, white gold is very popular, so you can find it at most stores. But, here we have listed a few of our favourite Australian labels that sell stunning white gold jewellery.

By Charlotte have a glorious collection of white gold pieces. Shop through their range to find beautiful 14k solid white gold.

Bless your wardrobe with white gold and find your perfect piece as soon as possible! 

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Published by Tauseef shah