How much do you think you are worth?
Would someone who could figure out how to buy you at the price you are truly worth and sell you at what you think you are worth be able to pocket a huge difference?*

We all swim in troubled waters when trying to assess our worth. We sometimes take things at face value and don’t see beyond.
Who are you?
When pondering about just let go of your feelings with a view to the beautiful entity that answers to your name. Leave your shoes and slip into somebody else’s. And as I have been preaching before, “do business in Equilibrium“, or go to another place where you feel nothing, just observe stone cold realities, accomplishments and…flaws.
What are your skills?
This is a tough one. I myself couldn’t figure out as much.  Nonetheless I am rich in imagination and resilience… And I can find 2 (two) answers to any situation. One in the “common tongue”, the other in the language from the other realm.
What problems can you solve?
“We are all problem solvers.” Add value to everything you know by creating solutions to problems you see around (and imagine). Try to predict possible future mishaps and keep a solution at hand.

How much do your dreams, ideas, skills cost? How much does your mind cost? Your enthusiasm? Your optimism? Your confidence? How would you hard sell these?

Whenever you start a new job, a new project, a new business, bear this in mind: never let someone get filthy rich out of selling you back at your estimated value.

*Source of knowledge – Nassim Nicholas Taleb – “I am reminded of a measure my mother concocted, as a joke, when I decided to become a businessman. Being ironic about my (perceived) confidence, though not necessarily unconvinced of my abilities, she found a way for me to make a killing. How? Someone who could figure out how to buy me at the price I am truly worth and sell me at what I think I am worth would be able to pocket a huge difference.”

Art – The Juggling with Answers in Michael Cheval‘s other realm.

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Published by Iulia Halatz