From ancient times to the recent years, smoking hookah has been a trend and sign of royalty. The popularity continues but the only difference that happened over the years is, the tobacco, being used in the hookah has an expanded range of flavors to delight the smokers. 

Being a regular hookah smoker, you must be aware of many hookah flavors and models, people use around the globe. But have you ever wonder what kind of hookah smoker you are? There are various kind of hookah smokers doing Shisha with different intentions. Even if people don’t know how to smoke, enjoying the thick clouds and flavors in their mouth is fun for them. 

Every one of you smoking hookah has a personal preference that affects your choice of smoking. Read ahead to find out what kind of quality you possess and figure out what type of the smoker you are from the below-given list. 

1) Chasing The Flavor: Traditionally, hookah has been all about the flavors. People in older times did not care much about the smoke and clouds but indeed cared about the flavors they smoked. The tradition has continued. People are still more concerned about various types of tastes in a hookah. With the evolution of hookah, the demand of flavors has increased, and smokers are always in the quest of trying new tastes. The fundamental reason of chasing flavors is to find out what is more flavorful or how natural it can be. 

Smokers that concentrates more on the taste do not like to heat much as it can affect the flavor. They just want it to be smooth and pristine. Such smokers go for restricted pipes as they help to slow down the flow of smokes It results in keeping the smoke remain longer on the tongue than in general and provides the pleasure of a mouthful of desired taste. Smokers who are concerned to great flavors do not care about brands and the clouds. 

2) Chasing The Thick Cloud: Believe it or not, some smokers just love to rip the thickest clouds. It can be said the most common type of hookah smokers. They are more concerned about how much smoke their bowls can bring out. That’s the reason why they use a pipe with wide open mouth.   

The flavor plays a secondary part in such devices. Smokers usually get and overly packed bowl in which tobacco makes better contact with HMD (Heat Management Device). This process leads to fattest clouds being puffed out of the draw. Some brands contain glycerin to obtain thick clouds in order to make the cloud chasers happy. 

3) Pursuing The Longevity: This type of smokers can be mention as a sub-category of flavor chasers. These smokers want their session to last as long as possible. The number of such smokers is minimum in comparison to the other two categories mentioned above. However, they are undoubtedly some of the most creative ones. They experiment with the methods to make smoking long lasting. They work in tobacco packing methods, foil or HMD usage, the heat they are applying to tobacco, and also the choice of hookah. 

To push the limits of tobacco is a better method to use and widely recommended than any other tricks. The desire of longevity is also because of the taste smokers love to have for a long time in the mouth. 

Bear in mind; it is not a comprehensive description for all the hookah smokers out there. The taste, preference, style, and reasons differ from one smoker to another. What is your category out of all three sorted ones above?

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