I am a dedicated book lover. I have my reading preferences and dirty little secrets. I have a few bookish things to confess. 

Compulsive Reader

Wherever I go and whatever I do, there is always book with me. You wouldn’t find lipstick or mascara in my bag but definitely you would find a book. Even when I am sure that I wouldn’t have time for reading, I carry it with me anyways. Who knows, maybe I could spare 5 minutes for reading while I am on the bus. When I travel, I take 3-4 books with me although I know I would have limited time to read. But it doesn’t matter, it is better to have a book next to you rather than not to have at all. Recently, I have become progressive reader because….finally I got a Kindle!!!!! So now, both beautiful paper book and little cute Kindle travel around with me.

Conscientious Reader

I must admit that nonfiction is what I love! When a book has a purpose and a meaning I am thrilled. Of course, I need to learn something. I do not read just for reading. Reading a book without importance and ideals is just waste of time. Just think, how enlightening it is to read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography or Christopher Hitchens’s memoirs! Simply delightful.

I confess, I am Moody Reader sometimes!

Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I get bored with the book before I actually read it. It happens that on Monday I feel like reading classics, while on Tuesday I would go for autobiography. And my shameful bookshelf… half- filled with books that I have not read yet. Ohhh, don’t blame me for that, it’s books’ fault! All of them look so deliciously good in bookshops. When I am about to read book A, book B comes into the picture. So I read book B and book A ends up unread on the bookshelf.

No, no no! I am not Trend Reader

If everyone likes the book it does not mean I will read it. I won’t rush to bookstore or I won’t order it from Amazon just because most of readers praise some new release. When time comes and I feel that I want to read I will. It might be one, two or five years after publication because there is no time limit for happy reader. There are also “celebrity books” that become bestsellers not because of the rich and valuable content but thanks to money and great PR. Definitely they are not for me, not even if you pay me.

When I visit second- hand bookshops, I always look for something rather old and something I never heard about. There are many unknowns or forgotten books that deserve attention and coverage.

The only releases that I might be crazy about are Political Science studies. Cass Mudde and Hanspeter Kriesi are my favorite scholars, and their books are more precious than anything else. I might say I am Academic Trend Reader.

This was my bookish confession. Don’t judge me. You also have dirty little secrets, reader!

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