If you look on the longer time frame, historically things go up in value. When this world started many years ago, it is said there was only one man or two existed– Adam and Eva. But today, there are billions of people living on this planet Earth, without even counting those who have gone already. This is just the planet Earth, what about the beings living in other planets such as Venus, or Jupiter, or etc, in case if there is anyone really living there.

If you buy a house or property today, there is a good chance in five or ten years, it’s value to be very much higher comparing to when you first purchase it. Even though sometimes it may not be the case, things may go a little bit different because of unavoidable events like recession, and things like that to make the value be much lower.

For instance, stock brokers can tell you, when you invest on stocks and shares, even if their value may go up, do not sell them right away it’s best if you wait a bit longer, because on longer time frame they may even go much higher in value so more gain for you.  Again, it’s not a guarantee thing, but historically things do go up in value. But if you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, your dividends will be more than enough; there is no need to even touch the principal investment ever because the dividend itself can be enough for you to live for the rest of your life here on Earth.

It’s a matter of what lens are we using to look at things. If you are buying a house or invest on stocks and shares in order to get quick results, your returns and gains may be smaller than if you set your lens on longer time frame.

Success can be measured in time frames. So if you have been doing things for a shorter period of time, and you are expecting the results as if you have been doing things for a longer period of time, you need to check out your lens again.

You need to be clear; what are your short-term goals and long-term goals? But then again, you also need to split your long-term goal into a series of short-term goals.

For instance; your long-term goal is to get married and to start a family of your own in five years. Therefore, you can divide that long period of time goal into a series of short-term goals so you won’t feel overwhelmed. You can also set tight deadlines for your short-term goals, but remember to leave space for flexibility, because sometimes things do not happen according to our clock, or the way we want them to happen. Expect interruptions, and if they are from God then expect His plans to be much better than your plans.

Let me give you an example below how you can set up a plan of shorter goals as part of longer goals. Let’s assume you are looking to get married and start a family of your own in five years.

So, your six to twelve months goal can be a house hunting period. This is a period you are looking for that significant other, or open to date. You are looking around for that person, but also hoping that person will somehow find you. Maybe you have told your friends about it, joined match.com…hahaha. Everybody has their own style when it comes to searching for something. Not all of us type the same exact words on Google search, even though they may lead us to the same stop, or article, or video, book, and et cetera.

The next step will be to set a two year short-term goal within your five year plan, and in your situation will be to start dating. Once you find out the person you think, this is the one and you really want to get to know this person more, you want to have a house tour before you buy the entire house. This is the time to spend quality time to get to know the person. The friendship period or dating period, whatever you call it.

I know this married couple who dated for five years, and then got engaged. After that it took them two more years to actual get married, so total of seven years.  Even though it may take longer than two years to get to know each other, two years can be enough to get your foot on the door with this person.

The third action step in your plan is to get engaged. Now you know it’s going down, and this is the one. How are you going to pay for the house? By this time you should have a plan within a plan of how are you going to pay for the engagement ring if you are the groom, or how you are going to fund the wedding, and so on.

When your action plan has short-term goals within long-term goals, it makes things much easier to manage and accomplish things.

This is why people are suggesting that you must dream big, and think big. Because big dreams attract big things, and sometimes big people, which means can bring big success to you because the longer the vision you have for success, the more successful you can be.

Published by Helen Majaga