Design is not for philosophy, it’s for life.

Design is one such thing which fills our life with beauty, art, and inspiration. Design draws its root from the ancient era of architecture and magnetism, But nowadays, design has become a part of our lifestyle. Whether it's wearing fashionable clothes, making our home elegant, or having the best art of ourselves, design lives everywhere. Not only this, design has redefined the way we do business, brand identity, logo design, eye-catching advertisement banners, possibly all has changed by now.  Today we will talk about the people who has revolutionized the digital and print use of design, i.e.,graphic designers. They are the same ones who burn the midnight oil to revamp our brand, who work meticulously to beautify our online and offline advertisement mediums to give us the success we necessities as brand owners and entrepreneurs.

Someone said so right that design is the thinking made visual, so here we are honouring the creator of designs by outlining the skills and characteristics of professional graphic designers. Here it goes-:

1. Truly Creative - Creativity is just like the food and oxygen for a graphic designer. Without this, they can’t survive. It’s the fuel which helps them see things with different perspective and thus exceed the customer’s expectations. When asked about the perspective from a graphic designer, he said, “If you ask from me about the perspective and creativity, the whole world is a wonderland. I love to travel, explore, and love to see new and great things with the relativity of design. You don’t know when a great idea hits you, so you have to keep exploring.”

2. Always a Learner- That’s a key thing which separates a graphic designer from the crowd. They never ever say no to learning. They love to know about new things, even things out beyond their field and industry. They are always eager to explore to see what’s unseen. And once they did that, they begin to relate the un-relatable with what they do. The colours, the sparks, the shapes, designers pick everything from the same world.  Designers grow a lot more when they are truly humble and able to grasp other's suggestion attentively. The best ones aren’t full of arrogance and pride, but full of humbleness, curiosity,and fun.

3. Ability to Conceive & Deliver Great Results-: That’s what makes a designer complete. The greater their ability to conceive and deliver is, the better their career graph will be.  All great graphic designers have this ability to grasp the concept or idea of the customer and ability to deliver the best as per requirements. Period.

4. Taking Criticism & Smile – No matter whether you go left or you go right, everything you do have a criticism attached with it.  But, it won’t matter much until it comes in what you do as a profession. Graphic designers being engaged in a creative job, have to face strong criticism, But the ability to handle criticism with simple is what makes a graphic designer awesome. Being a designer, you must have the ability to diversify yourself from your work without taking the criticism personally, Remember that the more criticism you’ll face, the  higher you will go. That’s the secret all great graphic designers know, and thus they thank people who criticize them. Rather being defensive and angry, they take the situation very open-mindedly and work harder to get their goals.

5. Being True to their Profession- What makes a designer different from other human beings is their ability to see this world with a totally different perspective, to see the designs in the greater form, to see the colours in the rainbow, to paint it as they wish too. Thus, all great designers always stay true to their profession, they might take inspiration from different places, but they never claim someone else work as their own.

6. Unending Thrust or Desire to do Something New - Yes, the qualities of an awesome designer can't be completed without this. Irrespective of the era, all great designers have this unending thrust or desire to do something new, to create something unseen, to form what's only lies in their imagination. The great ones have it in them into the core of their being, they see, seek and observe everything that comes to their eye, and one magical day, paint the world with their unseen, pure imagination. Yeah, that's what they does. 

Truly best graphic designers aren’t just a learner, creative and focused, but they’re pretty much positive and fun-loving too. They see the life as a gift and enjoy each and every moment of it. Designers love themselves and people love their work. Although finding such graphic designers is not at all easy, but let me make it easy for you. Theziners is one such great graphic design company which not only have great graphic designers in their team but also have really affordable solutions (logo designflyer designpostcardtrifold, social media banners, business cards) for each and every start-up.

If you have any feedback or comments on what makes a graphic designer truly awesome, please feel free to mention in the comment’s box. I will be back soon with the exciting blog.



Published by Nikhil Shrivastava