Anywhere one turns one sees an ad for an online casino. This almost feels inevitable at this point. What is it that makes online casinos as successful as they are today, really? Why can they afford billboards and ad spaces that no other company is able to afford, at such large levels?

In this article we'll dig in and find out.

The lucrative market

Casinos operate in a market that's one of the most lucrative markets in the world right now. The costs of an online casinos are relatively low and the revenue are relatively high. A casino works in such a way that the turnover rate is incredibly high and thus makes even a small casino profitable. In such markets, it's only natural for the largest actors in the space to be as aggressive as they are.

Unlike physical casinos, online casinos have very few costs and few expenses. Few things are needed to run a profitable online casino. Few employees—support and the technical bits are basically the ones that are needed. Once those jobs are covered online casinos mostly focus on marketing and PR. Most money go to these tasks and these tasks increase the profits further. So the more money that's put in to this space the higher the profits are. Thus, all an online casino really needs is time, and of course money.

The lucrative business model

Unlike other businesses where a lot of time, effort and energy is spent to make a profit, casinos have little of that. Instead, the better the casino the more the user will play, and the higher the profits will be. No service fees are needed. No maintenance fees. It's all automatic and scales very well.

Also, unlike physical casinos, given the low costs and effective way of working online casinos can be scaled at a very rapid rate. Instead of having to open one casino after the other, hoping one will turn a profit to fund the others, online casinos can be opened one after the other. If one's successful or another fails, it's easy to try again, whereas with physical casinos it's incredibly hard to acquire a license, build a facility and launch a physical casino that's available for the public.


For the reasons specified above it is not surprising that casinos are not only lucrative, but also attractive to markets at a larger scale. There are many reasons for why the casino market in particular is as successful as it is, but the fact that it is shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. It is successful, and will remain successful for many years to come, unless curbed.

Published by Charlesa Gibson