Every once in a while we escape the reality of the everyday life and take a short trip with friends in hope to get some new perspective and simply enjoy our lives. Last weekend we have organised a girl's weekend to Milan and it was absolutely incredible and here is a recipe to an unforgettable holiday.

Avoid hotels: First of all to fully experience the city and the lifestyle, you have to avoid the hotels. Instead take an AirBnB and share an apartment with your friends. There will be no awkwardness of being obliged to follow the hotel rules and you are at liberty to live your life freer. Also, it is like renting a flat for a few days with friends - isn't that already a great start to a holiday?

Meet a stranger: Single or taken, doesn't matter - just go out with your friends at night and meet a stranger! Talk to them to find out more about their city, culture and become friends! Singles: leave a number on the receipt of your bill or talk to a strange in line for the sightseeing - you never know what can happen next...Couples: meet a friendly couple from another country and who knows maybe you will become friends and visit each other in the future!

Walk the city: Don't get seduced by the availability of public transport, taxis or Ubers in the unknown city. Take a map and walk the city - if you get lost, you will find out that there are more beautiful places than mentioned in the guidebook! Also, the best places to eat are usually well hidden from tourists - just remember that!

Sightseeing: Make sure you stop by the famous museums, monuments, cathedrals, etc. Don't tire yourself with a busy schedule but ensure that you enjoy the touristic attractions as well. Places to visit in Milan: Cathedral di Duomo, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Arche di Pace and Navigli area!

Stay Offline: Probably the most important one, when on holiday forget about your business emails, social media and PokemonGo. Enjoy the moment with the people around you! Nothing that is happening online can replace the feelings and emotions of the real time!

Timing:  Timing is the key! Make sure you plan out your day so that you can enjoy it all and yet won't tire yourself out by waiting in lines for museums or struggling to push through crowds whilst shopping!

Shopping:  Last but not least and this probably applies more to women than men but going on a shopping spree in a new city is the best stress therapy there is.

Published by Karina Saakyan