Let me take a wild guess:

You are the owner of a dental practice. You want to start promoting your dental practice by either doing it by yourself or by hiring a dental marketing company or agency.

Still, no matter if you outsource your dental marketing services to a dental marketing company or you do it in-house, there are a lot of dental marketing ideas, channels and tactics you can try.

There’s Facebook. There are Facebook Ads. There are Google Ads. There’s Linkedin. You can try to start a blog. You can try Google My Business. You can try email marketing. Facebook Groups. Instagram...

You already feel overwhelmed just by mentioning these, right?

Which of these marketing channels is most suitable for a dental practice? Which marketing channel works best for the dental industry? And which of these channels can bring you the most patients for the amount of money you spend?

Today, you’re going to discover the following things:

  • Which is the first dental marketing channel you should start with to promote your dental practice

  • Why it’s the single most important channel for the dental industry

Which is the first dental marketing channel you should start with to promote your dental practice

If you want to get new patients into your practice starting from tomorrow, Google Ads (former Google Adwords) should be the first marketing channel in your dental marketing strategy.

There’s no better (and faster) way than this. We’ll see in a minute why, but first, here’s an overview of how this works, in case you are not familiar with it.

When someone searches for something on Google, he will some ads (maximum 4) on the upper part of the results page.

Those ads appear based on some keywords you choose.

For example, let’s say you are a dentist in London and you offer teeth whitening services.

And you want your ad to appear only to those people who search for “teeth whitening services in London” or “teeth whitening in London” or other keywords that filter out people who are not your customers.

It’s very easy to do this with Google Ads. You just have to to some basic settings and you are done. The last step to create a Google Ads campaign is to write some simple ads that contain a title, a description and a link to which you send people when they click the ad.

And here comes the best part: you pay only if a person clicks on your ad. If your ad is shown 1000 times, but no one clicks on it, you pay zero. How cool is that?!

Oh, and your ads will start running in a matter of hours. So, if you create your campaign right now, your ads will start showing up in half an hour up to a couple of hours.

Why Google Ads it’s the single most important channel for the dental industry

Think about it this way. Let’s say you put a street banner. How many people who see that banner actually have teeth problems? And for those who do have problems, how many of them are ready to see a dentist?

Or let’s take another example. Let’s say you run Facebook Ads to people in your neighbourhood. The same problem.

Oh, and by the way, you pay for your ad or your street banner to show up for all these people who are not interested in seeing a dentist.


With Google Ads, you can filter all these people out. You can target only those people (in your town or the area you choose) who are searching for your services. There’s no better way to promote your dental practice than showing up before people who want to buy from you.

Plus, it’s easy to set it up. With a simple tutorial you can learn how to do it yourself in under one hour.

So, if you hire a dental marketing company that doesn’t want to use Google Ads, this should give you a red flag because it’s one of the best marketing channels for the dental industry.


Published by Samantha Brown