My two best friends have wonderful different personalities. I hope they won't judge or take offence on reading this, but I know one of my besties wants a mention in my blog!

Let us start with friend K. She has taught me a lot in the 5-6 years we've been friends. She is a very strong independent young women, very down to earth. I would describe her way of thinking as laid back, never really gets mad or angry and thinks like a man sometimes, that is why I love her. She has helped me through tough times and taught me to keep going. I have admired her work ethic and resilience, it's taught me that I need to work harder, Almost competing, not that I will ever win, K is crazy competitive.

My other beautiful best friend that I have known for around 8 years (she will probably know the exact date) is amazing. Head in the clouds, a dreamer. Teaching me that its okay to be a hopeless romantic, take joys in the little things, and to have moments like they do in the movies. She sat next to me on the school bus every day and forced us to be friends. I am so glad she did because I do not know what I would do without her now. She is crazy, once floored me in the middle of Tescos when I was feeling angry. She thought it would help, to be fair it kind of did. Can always rely on her to make me laugh, she acts like she has no cares in the world, a proper free spirit. 

When I argue with a partner, first thing I do is ring my friends, crying or angry, explaining the event that's happened. Now, if I want to understand the males point of view I will ring K. She will tell me 'why are you even mad', usually explains why my partner acted the way he did, giving me a mans point of view. I know deep down I am probably overreacting so I will ring her. If I want a proper rant, be reassured that I am right no matter what I have done I'll ring S. She'll tell me my partner is a dick and wrong. So you can see the difference in points of view and personalities.

These girls have taught me to be confident and resilient, they have been by my side every step of the way and made sure I am always smiling. Best friends are a true gift, I have never been popular, in a click or had a large group of friends. I have the best two friends I could ever wish for, we probably bitch about each other all the time and we do say it to each others faces which is what makes us brilliant. I have no idea what they would say about me? That horrible question you sometimes get in interviews; how would your best friend describe you? Well, if we are being honest.... probably difficult, stubborn and a bit of a prick sometimes.

But honestly I hope they do feel that I brighten their lives and teach them a thing or two too. We have gone through all the phases together, big eyebrows, shit contouring, awful clothing and definitely a shit taste in music. We are a proper odd ball group of friends. To the best friends I have lost over the years, I still adore you and you have added to who I am today, I won't forget you and still care about you all!  I wrote this blog as I love them unconditionally and show much they mean to me, I am not very good showing them half the time and don't often tell them. So, here is to you two girls who have made my life complete, next time I see you girls the beers are on me!  

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt