I am a Naruto freak. I adore both the manga (comics) and the anime (hand-drawn or computer animation). Many persons consider that reading manga or watching anime is a waste of time. But just like any lecture and movie, you can draw some lessons out of them.

In this article, I’m going to present you briefly what Naruto’s Team 7 could teach you. For those of you who don’t know, throughout the anime, it’s Team’s 7 development that’s followed (though, if you read this, I highly doubt you don’t already know)


1.Keep your promises! (Naruto Uzumaki)

This guy hasn’t broken one promise he’d made in his life. Many people should understand that once you give your word, you cannot take it back. It’s about morality and responsibility.

He states that he couldn’t reach his dream unless he’s able to keep his promises and I personally think that’s the manner we should all behave.

Promises mean commitment - and sometimes even hard work.


2.What you think that will make you happy might not. (Sasuke Uchiha)

Now, Sasuke plays the role of the anti-hero and of the avenger. Without giving you any major spoilers, I will just say that at a certain point in his life, he realises that what he wanted wasn’t the thing that would make him satisfied with his life, or happy.

The lesson? Vengeance will not make you happy. So let thing fly and focus on more important thing in life.


3.Hard work pays off. (Sakura Haruno)

Sakura is not the most appreciated character, although she’s the main heroine. Still, the lessons her story manages to teach us shouldn’t be looked down on. In the beginning, she’s quite weak physically and from a ninja’s standard point of view - but she’s very intelligent.

Somewhere along the story, she starts to work hard to become a medic ninja. Her determination what keeps her going despite the harshness of the training. She works like crazy in order not to be the “weak link”.

In the end, however, all the hard work pays off as she becomes one of the strongest kunoichi (female ninja). All the preparation wasn’t in vain. So keep working!


4.Don’t abandon your friends! (Kakashi Hatake)

He’s the sensei (teacher) of Team 7 and he has this principle (which I think we should all adopt) that those who abandon their friends are lower than the lowest. Nowadays, few people understand the meaning of a true friendship. Kakashi manages to inspire this attitude to his students, too.

It’s in humans’ nature to look out for each other - and bonds are not only about blood. Friendship should be cherished and under no circumstance should one give up on his friend.

Do you like Naruto? Which one of Team 7 is your favourite character? Let me know if you prefer the manga or the anime. I like them both, but the manga tops it.

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Credits to Masashi Kishimoto for the picture. *Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of Naruto.



Published by Rebecca Radd